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Welcome to the Department of Construction Engineering and Management

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Department of Construction Engineering & Management (CEM). CEM is a graduate department and offers: (1) Masters of Science in Construction Engineering & Management, (2) Masters of Engineering in Construction Engineering & Management, (3) Master in Engineering Management, (4) Master of Project Management and (5) Master of sustainability and environmental management (will start in September 2023).

Since the inception of the department in 1984, our alumni have made valuable contributions to the Saudi industry and many of them are serving in leadership positions. Being proud of our past, we have an eye on the future. We are well aware of changing local and global socio-economic landscape. Accordingly, we are changing gears to make our students not only the driving force of the industry but also tomorrow's innovators, problem solvers, entrepreneurs and leaders. For the purpose, we have been revitalizing our programs with (1) brilliant faculty with diverse expertise to meet the challenges of interdisciplinary problems and (2) reinvigorated courses with digital knowledge and skills.

We are excited about the future. We invite you to explore our programs, faculty profiles and other information you might be interested in.
Dr. Laith Hadidi
CEM Chairman (A)


At the Department of Construction Engineering & Management, we aspire to be a center of preeminent excellence, locally and internationally in the domains of project, engineering and construction management with strong linkage to professional societies and bodies of knowledge. We aim to be a contributor to the Saudi knowledge economy and future societal needs by (1) Delivering quality educational programs, (2) Training and fostering talents and future leaders and (3) Impactful multidisciplinary research.


The mission of the department is to:

1. Impart knowledge and skills necessary to enhance contemporary industry practices.

2. Stimulate inquisitive attitude, lateral thinking, entrepreneurial and collaborative mindset to foster human capital.

3. Conduct cutting-edge research leading to innovative and impactful societal improvement.

CEM Strategic Goals

1. Maintain foundations in world class core academic disciplines underpinned by fundamental science, and multidisciplinary research.

2. Continue in recruiting and investing in our faculty to build a supportive, highly motivated work community and build a lifelong relationships with our alumni. 

3. Strengthen partnerships with business and academia on a global scale, and engaging with the public and local communities.

4. Continue in Pursuing new opportunities to  launch new programs to match industry interests and funds.

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