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Chemical Engineering of KFUPM

Welcome to the Chemical Engineering Department of the King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals here in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The Department is one of the largest in Saudi Arabia providing a broad range of educational and research opportunities. Chemical Engineers are at the forefront of technology and their role in modern society is becoming increasingly important. Chemical Engineers design, implement and supervise industrial processes where matter undergoes change. The Chemical Engineering Depa​rtment provides two undergraduate programs;  chemical engineering (CHE) and ​applied chemical engineering (ACHE). Also, it provides graduate programs that leads to a degree of Master of Science (MS) and a degree of doctor of philosophy (PhD). The mission of the programs in the department of chemical engineering is to equip students with high quality education, fundamentals of chemical engineering, interdisciplinary knowledge, awareness of local industry needs, and skills in lifetime learning, communication and leadership. The mission of the applied program is more industrially oriented as 28 weeks of industrial experience are required in contrast to the science program where only eight weeks are required.