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 Curriculum and Courses

​​1. Question: Can I take ME 216 instead of ME 205?
   Answer: No, you cannot. ME 216 has 3 lectures only and ME 205 has 2 lectures and 1 laboratory. All CHE students must take ME 205. 

2. Question: I took a C grade in a course. Can I repeat it?
    Answer: No, you cannot repeat a course with a C grade. However, courses with grades D or F can be repeated keeping in mind that the old grade will be still calculated in the overall average. 

3. Question: I changed my major to CHE, will ICS 101 be accepted instead of ICS 103? 
    Answer: Most probably yes, please submit a petition for course substitution. ICS 101 is based on FORTRAN language while ICS 103 is based on C language.

4. Question: I am involved in the extra-curricular activities at student clubs; will you give a credit for volunteer work in the transcript? 
    Answer:  No, but your participation in such club will add a great value to your CV. When you apply for jobs, companies will also appreciate your volunteer work.

5. Question: I have been accepted for the exchange program at international universities. What are the courses that I can take? 
    Answer: Please make sure to take the department approval for any course that you are planning to take during the exchange program so that it will substitute for equivalent courses at KFUPM. We have a list that is being updated regularly at the department secretary. 

6. Question: Can I take courses during the summer outside the university?
    ​Answer: You must take the approval of the Deanship of Admission and Registration before taking any course outside KFUPM. The department role is just to check if the course is equivalent or not. 

7. Question: What is the difference between CHE and ACHE?
    Answer:  The difference between CHE and ACHE programs is the number of electives courses and the training part as shown in the following table: 

​​​CHE ProgramACHE Program
​1​Number of chemical elective courses is 2​Number of chemical elective courses is 1
​2​Number of technical elective courses is 2​Number of technical elective courses is 1
​3​Number of general studies elective courses is 2​Number of general studies elective courses is 1
​4​Summer training period is 12 weeks​COOP training period is 28 weeks 
​5​Summer training course CHE 399 has a pass or fail grade with no credit hours ​COOP training course CHE 351 has a letter grade with 9 credit hours
​6​Summer training is during the summer semester​ COOP training can be taken during the second and summer semesters, or during the summer and first semesters