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 Doctor of Philosophy Program


Applicants who have an M.S. degree from a university of recognized standing may be admitted to the doctoral program, provided they satisfy the Graduate School requirements for Ph.D. admission. Applicants must provide evidence of a suitable scientific background to enter the proposed field and must make up any deficiencies in their prior program within two semesters of enrollment.

Detailed application procedure for submitting an online application is available on the website of the Deanship of Graduate Studies

Note application deadlines.

For further enquiries contact: 
Dr. Nayef M. Al-Saifi              
Graduate Advisor                                 
Chemical Engineering Dept.                
Tel: +966-3-860-2194                         


PhD students are expected to complete course requirements of 30 credit hours, maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.00 at all times. They are also required to present a seminar every year after completion of one academic year of study.

A comprehensive examination both written and oral is held on completion of the course work in the major and minor fields. The minor must be in a field related to the professional activities of the chemical engineer and must be selected from specific areas in chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering, or systems engineering.

For students majoring in chemical engineering, the subject areas for the written examination are:

Paper I Transport Phenomena and Separation Processes (Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, and Separation Processes).

Paper II Equilibrium and Rate Processes (Thermodynamics, Reaction Kinetics, and Process Control).

The written minor area is selected by the student in consultation with his advisor. The Oral Examination is given within one semester after the written examination to allow enough time to prepare the dissertation proposal by the student and his advisor. On the basis of the comprehensive examination, a student may be admitted to the Doctoral Degree Candidacy. A graduate student is permitted to take the Comprehensive Examination twice only.

On completion of the Comprehensive Examination, candidates prepare and submit a dissertation on an approved research topic. The dissertation should be an in-depth original study related to the field of chemical engineering. A dissertation committee is formed within the Department to guide the candidate during this research, and will review and examine the contents of the dissertation. The candidate, in consultation with his committee, and after approval of the College of Graduate Studies, shall arrange a time and place for public defense of the dissertation.​