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 Duties and Responsibilities of the Standing Committees

Graduate committee.

  • Supervise graduate students (degree plans, exams, thesis, etc.)
  • Update graduate program policies and procedures
  • Review the applications of new graduate students and make recommendations to Deanship of Graduate Studies
  • Conduct comprehensive Exam for Ph.D. students
  • Monitor the progress and performance of graduate students and make recommendations
  • Propose graduate courses offering every semester

 Faculty Search Committee 

  • Evaluate applications for faculty positions
  • Advertise faculty positions in media, websites, etc.
  • Arrange to participate in international recruitment events and conference job fairs
  • Invite potential post-docs to visit the department
  • Develop a recruitment plan for positions needed in the department
  • Update faculty recruitment KPIs and measurable indicators
  • Develop contacts for faculty recruitment

Lab and Safety Committee 

  • Conduct periodic inspections of the department lab facilities and highlight safety concerns and violations to lab custodian and Department Chairman. 
  • Serve as a liaison for safety-related communications within the laboratory with other departments within KFUPM
  • Submit a safety report on the department lab facilities to the EHS department twice per year.
  • Issue recommendations related to improving the utilization of the department labs and their safety conditions such as recommended equipment purchases, hiring, chemical handling, and maintenance.
  • Assess the training requirements and implementation of laboratory users and the access authorization to lab facilities.

 Curriculum Committee

  • Evaluate and update department programs periodically.
  • Review proposals for new special topics courses, namely CHE 490 and CHE 492.
  • Review for adopting new textbooks for Chemical Engineering courses and make proper recommendations.
  • Handle credit transfers, double-major and course-equivalency requests.
  • Proposing course offerings and assigning courses to faculty every term. 
  • Conduct surveys for offering courses in summer terms

Program Assessment Committee

  • Maintain specifications for all Chemical Engineering courses and review the learning outcomes (LOs) and their assessments based on ABET requirements.
  • Assess the program LOs according to a pre-defined assessment time plan and document the assessment outcome with relevant evidence as per the ABET requirement.
  • Maintain all course files/reports for graduate and undergraduate levels
  • Review course reports and syllabi and report the comments/recommendations to the Chairman
  • Prepare all necessary materials and documents for ABET assessment for accreditation purpose
  • Review and update teaching and learning KPIs and measurable indicators
  • Conduct student outcome surveys for Chemical Engineering courses

Counseling and Advising

  • Providing information regarding programs, career opportunities, and course selection in Chemical Engineering. 
  • Referring students to appropriate services: the committee can provide a link for the student with other essential services: financial aid, career center, services for students with disabilities, tutoring center, health center, etc.. 
  • Identify underperformed students and gives appropriate advising for improving academic performance 
  • Gives personal attention to each student, who need counseling and advice
  • Approve the student's academic program of study
  • Provide accurate and consistent information
  • Clarify program requirements, policies, and procedures
  • Assist the student in identifying appropriate institutional resources
  • Facilitate relationships between the student and other individuals on campus who may provide assistance
  • Uphold the academic standards of the institution
  • Take responsibility for actions and decisions that affect academic progress

Under Graduate Committee 

The purpose of the Under Graduate Committee is to expose undergraduate students to the research activities carried out in the CHE department and prepare them for graduate-level rigorous research. 

Following are the duties and responsibilities of the Under Graduate Research Committee:

  • Handle SABIC undergraduate research grant
  • Responsible for Annual KFUPM Scientific Forum
  • Helps to prepare proposal submission to Undergraduate student research grant (UGSR) 
  • Encourage undergraduate students to participate in National and international research competitions
  • Motivate and encourage undergraduate students to participate in National and international conferences 
  • Helps undergraduate students to participate in regional and international Seminars.