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 Elective Courses

​1. Question: What do you mean by a technical elective course?
    Answer: A technical elective course must include technical engineering or science educational tools such as Math, Chemistry , Physics, geology, Industrial Safety, or Energy. That means that courses, similar to management and general studies, are not technical. 

2. Question: Which course should I take as a Technical Elective (XE xxx)?
    Answer: There is an approved list of technical electives available at the department website. For any other course outside this list, you need the department approval. Please bring the course syllabus and content and see the undergraduate coordinator or the department chairman. 

3. Question: Can I take additional CHE elective courses? 
    Answer: Yes, you can take additional CHE courses.

4. Question: Can I take CHE elective courses instead of the technical elective XE?
  ​  Answer: Yes, technical elective courses (XE) can be taken from CHE elective courses, but technical electives (XE) are taken from other departments.