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 Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Isam Al-Jundi

+966 13 860 2219

Energy and Energy analysis of power plants and desalination plants   

Assoc. Prof. M. Ba-Shammakh

+966 13 860 7464 

Air Pollution Control, Refinery Planning, Process Optimization, Corrosion Protection    

Assoc. Prof. Eid M. Al-Mutairi

+966 13 860 7726 

Environmental Impact Reduction; Energy and Mass Integration; Process Integration, Synthesis, Design, 

Operation & Optimization; Process Planning and Scheduling. 

Assoc. Prof. Abdur Razzak Shaikh
+966 13 860 7460
CO2 capture, Fluidization, Reaction kinetics, Biofuel 

Asst. Prof. Basim Abusaud

+966 13 860 7514 

​Wastewater Treatment

Asst. Prof. Umer Zahid

+966 13 860 7360

Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS),

Natural gas processing of whole supply chain, 

Advanced cycle power plants Liquefaction,

Heat Exchanger Network design.

Energy Integration and Optimization

Asst. Prof.  Wasif Farooq
+966 13 860 7513

Biofuel, Biological CO2 sequestration, Photochemical and Biological wastewater treatment, 
Bioreactor design, Adsorbent for water and wastewater treatment, Catalyst for biofuel production

wastewater treatment, air pollution, resource recovery

Assoc. Prof. Sagheer Onaizi

+966 13 860 3641

Natural Gas Treatment

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Wastewater Treatment

Asst.  Prof. Zuhair O. Malibari

+966 13 860 7396

Catalysts, Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation in Oil & Gas applications

Catalytic Synthesis and Evaluation of Carbon Nano-tubes for specialized applications.

Director of The Entrepreneurship Education Program at The Entrepreneurship Institute

Asst. Prof. Wael A.Fouad

+966 13 860 1429

Molecular theory and simulation, associating fluids, refrigeration,

waste heat recovery, process design and optimization

Asst. Prof.  Usama Ahmed

+966 13 860 2198

Process Design, Process Simulation and Modelling,

Process Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis,

Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS), Gasification, Reforming, IGCC, Power Generation

Asst. Prof.  Hassan Baaqeel

+966 13 860 3641


Sustainable process design, process integration & optimization,

water desalination, gas monetization