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​1. Question: How can I get an approval to register in a closed section?
    Answer: To be added in a closed section, the student should submit a request to the department during the first four days of semester. Detailed instructions will provided before the start of the semester.

2. Question: I want to register for a course but its final exam is in a conflict with one of my other exams for another course. The instructor agreed to arrange the final exam for me. What should I do to get the registrar approval?
    Answer: Submit a petition with the approval of the course instructor and the department Chairman. The course instructor must agree to arrange for the final exam, which might not be possible for a coordinated course.

3. Question: I am a senior student and I want to register for a graduate level course as one of my major electives (CHE 4xx), what is the required procedure?
    Answer: You need to submit two petitions as follows:

a) An Undergraduate student can register a graduate course only in the last term before graduation, and that requires him to submit an academic petition approved by his academic advisor and the chairman which requires also approval by the Dean of graduate studies.

b) To consider a course that is not in the approved list as a major elective, an academic petition approved by the chairman, approved by the Dean of college, and approved by the Vice Rector of academic affairs is required.

4. Question: How can I audit a course?
    Answer: You can audit a course only in your last semester before graduation. To do that, you need first to register for the course. Then you submit the audit request to the registrar after the approval of the course instructor and department chairman.