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 Research Projects

KACT & NSTIP Projects 2014-2018

Fiscal YearProject TitleName of PI
2014In Situ polymerization of ethylene – graphene nano composite
Mamdouh Ahmed Al-Harthi
Vapor-Liquid Phase Equilibria Diagram for UF6 Using Simplified Temperature Dependent Interaction Potential (TDIP)
Housam Binous
2014Synthesis of selective nano-Al-SiC sorbent and application for solid-liquid equilibrium for Cadmium in phosphoric acidAli Al Matar
2014Functionalization of MOFs for Enhancing CO2 CaptureMohammed Saleh Ba-Shammakh
Development of Novel Catalyst for Selective Removal of H2S from Natural Gas StreamSagheer Ahmed Onaizi
2016Design Evaluation of CO2 Capture Processes for EOR ApplicationUmer Zahid
2016Towards the Development and Utilization of Biosurfactant-Based Biotechnology for Enhancing the Recovery of Saudi Arabian Crude Oil: Interfacial Activity and Wettability Alteration StudiesSagheer Ahmed Onaizi
2017Designing and Developing Surface-Engineered Fouling-resistant Ultrafiltration (UF) Pre-treatment Membranes for Water DesalinationIsam Hasan Fahed Al-Jundi
2017Effect of microwave rations on electrical, mechanical and thermal properties of poly(Vynylalcohol) nano composite filmsMamdouh Ahmed Al-Harthi
2017Development of novel graphene-layered double hydroxide hybrid supported metallocene catalyst for ethylene polymerizationMamdouh Ahmed Al-Harthi
2017Development of fluidizable VOx/Ce-Al2O3 Catalysts for Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Butane to ButeneMohammad Mozahar Hossain
2016Effect of light intensity and wavelength on CO2 bio-fixation ability of locally isolated strain of microalgae for CO2 removal and high value chemicalsWasif Farooq
2018Determination of Critical Micelle Concentrations (CMC) of Surfactants based on Viscosity Calculations by Coarse-Grained Molecular SimulationHassan Saeed Al-Awad Al-Asiri
2018Integration of Gasification Process with the Reforming and Oxy-Fuel Technologies for enhancing H2/Electricity Production Capacity with CO2 CaptureUsama Ahmed
2018Techno-Economic Evaluation and Design Development of Sour Water Stripping System in the Refineries (Ugr)Baqer Mohammad Al-Mousa
2018Design development of gasification and reforming technologies for the syngas production (Ugr)Hussain Alibrahim


KACT & NSTIP Projects 2014-2018

Synthesis and Characterization of Micro and Nano Carbon Materials Coated with Polyelectrolyte for Removal of Heavy Metals from WaterMauatz Hussein
2014Optimization and Thermodynamic Analysis of Refinery Processes Units and OperationsEid Al-Mutairi
2014Biological Wastewater Treatment in Liquid-Solid Circulating Fluidized Bed: Scaling (up/down) effects on the Reactor HydrodynamicsShaikh Abdur Razzak
2014Catalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a fluidized bed reactor using Cu based mixed metal catalystsMohammad Hossain
2014Development of selective catalyst for conversion of CO2 to formic acidReyad Shawabkeh
2015Novel mixed matrix membrane for CO2 separationIsam Aljundi
2016Development of a new nano-structured carbon membrane for water desalinationIsam Aljundi
2016Durability of Wood-Plastic Composites Exposed To Desert EnvironmentsHalim Redhwi