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 Catalysis and bio reaction engineering

​Catalysis and bio-reaction engineering

Dr. Adnan M. Alamer
+966 13 860 2717 

Kinetics, Petrochemicals and Cracking Hydrocarbons

Synthesis and characterization of Nano sized zeolites and its applications in the petrochemical industry

Dr. Mozhar M. Hossain 

+966 13 860 1478 

Catalysis, Reaction Engineering, Advanced Materials and Hydro-processing
Dr. Oki Muraza
+966 13 860 7612
Heterogeneous catalysis, Microporous Materials and Zeolite Membranes
Dr. Shaikh A. Razzak
+966 13 860 7460
CO2 capture, Fluidization, Reaction kinetics, Biofuel

Dr. Zuhair O. Malibari

+966 13 860 7396

Catalysts, Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation in Oil & Gas applications

Catalytic Synthesis and Evaluation of Carbon Nano-tubes for specialized applications

Director of The Entrepreneurship Education Program at The Entrepreneurship Institute

Dr. Sagheer Onaizi

+966 13 860 3641

Biocatalysis & applications in bioremediation & crude oil upgrading

Colloids and Interfaces with focus on Biocolloids

Enhanced oil recovery using bio-based surface-active agents 

Biosensors utilization in biomedical applications

Dr.  Wasif Farooq
+966 13 860 7513

Catalyst for biofuel production, air pollution, resource recovery

Biofuel, Biological CO2 sequestration, photochemical and biological wastewater treatment
Bioreactor design, Adsorbent for water and wastewater treatment

Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Sanhoob

+966 13 860 7265

Heterogeneous catalysis,

Microporous zeolites and mesoporous materials,

Structured catalysts and (micro)structured reactors,

Zeolite synthesis and characterization