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A Cooperation agreement between the Chemical Engineering department, KFUPM and Aspen Technology, K.S.A was signed on January 26th 2022 in College of Chemicals & Materials premises. The event was attended by Dr. Hassan M. Baaqeel, Chairman, CHE department and Dr. Craig A. Smith, Managing Director, Aspen Technology in the presence of the Dean, College of Chemicals & Materials Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saadi and the other members.


Under this agreement, based on the technologies and software products supplied by AspenTech, AspenTech will provide world-class technical training on process and asset optimization technologies and operational analytics to students and academic staff of KFUPM. AspenTech will also provide KFUPM with AspenTech electronic course materials to support training classes or KFUPM curriculum content development under the Collaboration.


This Agreement is entered into on 2 February 2022 and shall remain in effect for three (3) years through 1 February 2025. After signing the agreement in College of Chemicals & Materials, the delegated party visited The Vice President Academic Affairs (VPAA) office.