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The Analytical Chemistry research group is actively involved in qualitative and quantitative analysis through the development of new processes and methodologies in almost all interdisciplinary areas of chemical sciences. Fundamental area of research in analytical chemistry includes development of nanocomposite electrodes, electrochemical-based sensors and biosensors utilizing macro-, micro- and nanomaterials. The conventional areas of research include the differential electrolytic potentiometry, flow injection analysis as well as ion chromatography using solid electrodes coated with carbon nanotubes. Modern measurement techniques also include designing of universal indicator electrode that can be used in all types of titrimetric reactions. Our research team members work with advanced novel material for chemicals separation, detection, and removal of environmental contaminants. Current research in the department also takes place at the interfaces of  chemistry and environmental sciences as well as health sciences (e.g. metabolomics) using modern advanced analytical chemistry tools, including membrane technology, mass spectrometry and chemometrics.

Listing of personnel specializing in this area of Chemistry and their research topics:


Research Topic

Abulkibash, A

Differential electrolytic potentiometry and flow injection analysis using solid electrodes coated with carbon nanotubes, and evelopment of universal indicator electrode


Al-Betar, AF

Electrochemistry of conducting polymers using nanocomposite electrodes


Chanbasha, B

Applications of novel materials in analytical chemistry


Al-Hooshani, KR

Advanced material for chemicals separation, detection, and removal of environmental contaminants


Kawde, AN

Electrochemical-based sensors and biosensors utilizing macro-, micro- and nanomaterials


Oladepo S. A.​  

Analytical method development and instrumentation, molecular probes for cancer detection, pharmaceutical analysis