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 Concentration in Polymer Science & Technology

Concentration Description

Polymers are used across a wide range of industries, including consumer products, textiles, electronics, energy, building and construction, health care, and aerospace. Polymers are also central to emerging industries including additive manufacturing, organic electronics, and renewable energy. The proposed multidisciplinary concentration of study covers science and engineering aspects of polymers. It will provide the students with the required knowledge to design synthetic polymers of desired properties to suit target applications. Also, students learn the important techniques for characterizing and processing polymers. Students are exposed to topics such as different methods of polymer synthesis, a wide spectrum of characterization techniques for studying the structures and physical properties of polymers, and processing of polymeric materials. This concentration of study is designed to promote a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary learning process which involves intersections of chemistry with chemical and mechanical engineering disciplines.

Concentration Objectives

Objective 1: Provide students comprehensive knowledge in polymer science and engineering.

Objective 2: Prepare students for careers in the polymer industries involved in producing plastics, rubber, adhesives, composites, paints, fibers, and others.

Objective 3: Train students to be motivated, life-long learners, self-dependent, and creative with problem-solving experience.

Concentration Students’ Learning Outcomes

By the end of this concentration, the students will be able to:

  • SLO1: Explain the fundamentals and principles of polymer science and engineering.

  • SLO2: Solve problems in petrochemical industries related to synthesizing, characterizing, processing, and applying polymeric materials.

  • SLO3: Select the proper technique for physical characterization and for processing of polymers.

  • SLO4: Recognize the engineering applications of polymers.

Summary of Developed Courses

Course 1: CHEM 451: Polymer Chemistry
Course 2: CHEM 457: Polymer Characterization and Analysis
Course 3: ME 453: Polymer Sustainability


Students who finished all junior-level courses of the following majors are eligible to enroll in this concentration: 




A student of other majors can enroll in this concentration if he is able to fulfill the prerequisite requirements of the concentration courses. 


For the concentration to be registered in the students’ records, the student should finish all the concentration courses successfully.