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University of Exeter UK Ph.D, 1979
Analytical Chemistry, Electro and Electroanalytical Chemistry

Representative Publications/Patents ​
  • A.M.S. Abdennabi and E. Bishop, "Direct and mark-space biased periodic current in acid-base titrimetry in acetic anhydride-acetic acid, "Analyst 107,1032 (1982)
  • A.M.S. Abdennabi and E. Bishop, "Direct polarization in acid-base titrimetry in toluene- methanol mixtures" Analyst,108,71(1983).
  • A.M.S. Abdennabi and E. Bishop,"Direct and mark-space biased periodic polarization in substitution, addition, and oxidation titrimetry with dibromine in anhydrous acetic acid", Analyst, 108,1227, (1983).
  • E .Bishop andA.M.S. Abdennabi ,"Direct and mark-space biased periodic polarization in oxidation titrimetry with lead (V) acetate in anhydrous acetic acid, Analyst, 108,1260, (1983).
  • E Bishop and A.M.S. Abdennabi , Precipitation and complexation titrations in anhydrous acetic acid,"Analyst,108,1349, (1983).
  • A.M.S. Abdennabi,"Mark-space biased periodic polarization in substitutions, addition and oxidation titrimetry in propylene carbonate", A.J .S.E, 11, 265 (1986).