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  • PhD. Chemistry, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, May/2013, (Thesis title: Synthesis and Applications of Linear and Cross-linked pH- Responsive Polycarbo-, Polyphospho- and PolySulfobetaines).
  • M.Sc. Chemistry, University of Jordan, Feb/2004 (Thesis title: synthesis and characterization of polycarbonates based on bisalkyl (aryl) carbonates).
  • B.Sc. applied chemistry, Jordan University of Science and Technology, June/2001.
  1. Synthesis and characterization of zwitterionic polymers.
  2. Synthesis and application of hybrid organic inorganic polymers.
  3. Synthesis and modification of natural adsorbents.
  4. Synthesis and characterization of polycarbonates.

Representative Publications/Patents
  • Shamsuddeen A Haladu,Othman Charles S Al-Hamouz, Shaikh Asrof Ali, Adsorption of Cd2+ and Cu2+ ions from aqueous solutions by a cross-linked polysulfonatecarboxylate resin, Accepted,2015 Arabian Journal of Chemistry.
  • A. Khalid, A.A. Al-Juhani, O.C.S. Al-Hamouz, T. Laoui, Z. Khan, M.A. Atieh, Preparation and properties of nanocomposite polysulfone/multi-walled carbon nanotubes membranes for desalination, Desalination, 367 (2015) 134-144.
  • O.C.S. Al Hamouz, Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Series of Cross-Linked (Phenol, Formaldehyde, Alkyldiamine) Terpolymers for the Removal of Toxic Metal Ions from Wastewater, Arab. J. Sci. Eng. DOI 10.1007/s13369-015-1622-0, published online 10th March 2015.
  • Shaikh A. Ali, Hasan A. Al-Muallem, O.C.S. Al-Hamouz, Mohamad K. Estaitie. Synthesis of a novel zwitterionic bisphosphonate cyclopolymer containing residues of alendronic acid, Reactive & Functional Polymers 86 (2015) 80–86.
  • S. A. Ali, O.C.S. Al-Hamouz, Synthesis and Cyclopolymerization of Diallylammoniomethanesulfonate, Polymer Engineering and Science, 53(11) (2013) 2378-2388.
  • S. A. Ali, O.C.S. Al-Hamouz, N. M. Hassan, Novel cross-linked polymers having pH-responsive amino acid residues for the removal of Cu2+ from aqueous solution at low concentrations, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 248-249 (2013) 47-58.
  • O.C.S. Al-Hamouz, S. A. Ali, Removal of Zinc and Cadmium Ions Using a Cross-linked Polyaminophosphonate, Journal of Macromolecular Science: Pure and Applied Chemistry, 50(4) (2013) 375-384.