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  • Ph.D. University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, USA
  • B.S. American University of Beirut 1987
  • Developing functional and responsive surfaces as anticorrosive and antibacterial fouling

Representative Publications/Patents ​
  • M. Khaled “The Effect of Molecular Weight on the Corrosion Protection Properties of Polypyrrolidone Polymers on Stainless Steel” AJSE, 2010, 35, Number 1A, 29-38.
  • F. Fadhillah, S.M. Javaid Zaidi, Z. Khan, M. Khaled, F. Rahman, P. Hammond, Development of multilayer polyelectrolyte thin-film membranes fabricated by spin assisted layer-by-layer assembly, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 126 (2012) 1468-1474.
  • Asif Matin, H. Z. Shafi, Zafar Khan, Mazen Khaled, Rong Yang, Karen Gleason, Faizur Rehman “Surface modification of seawater desalination reverse osmosis membranes: Characterization studies & Performance Evaluation”. Desalination (2014), pp. 128-139, DOI information: 10.1016/j.desal.2013.10.023.
  • Asif Matin, Z. Khan, K.K. Gleason, Mazen Khaled, S.M.J. Zaida, Amjad Khalil, Priya Moni, Rong Yang “Surface-Modified Reverse Osmosis Membranes applying a Copolymer Film to Reduce Adhesion of Bacteria as a Strategy for Biofouling Control”, Separation and Purification Technology (Impact Factor: 2.89). 01/2014; 124:117–123.
  • Rami Suleiman, Mazen Khaled, Heming Wang, Thomas J. Smith, Jeanette Gittens, Robert Akid, Bassam Mohamad El Ali, and Amjad Khalil “A comparison of selected inhibitor doped sol-gel coating systems for the protection of mild steel” Journal Corrosion Engineering Science and Technology, VOL 49, NO 3, 2014, p 189.