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 Department Standing Committees

​Committee NamesMembersCharges

Ali, S. A. (Chair)

Abualkibash, A.

Badawi, H.

Ullah, N.

Saleh, T.


  • Collect research outcome (journal papers, conference presentations and attendance, projects, issued and filed patents, graduate students supervision) from faculty members
  • Report annual department research profile with recommendations
  • Identify and propose ways to promo te areas of research excellence and research groups in the department
  • Evaluate research related requests (promotion, proposals, conference attendance applications, sabbatical leave, release time, consultancy)
  • Assess the use, operation, spa ce and maintenance of major instruments in the department, and recommend short-term and long-term instrumentation needs (upgrades, additions, modification, replacements, repair, etc.) as well as personnel development needs (attending training, short courses, workshops, etc.)
  • Update the research info rmation (faculty disciplines, focus areas, remarkable research outcome, important statistics, etc.) in the department's website
  • Display department's research outcome and achievements to KFUPM community
  • Update research KPIs and measurable indicators
2-Program Assessment & Accreditation

Oweimreen, G.  (Chair)

Morsy, M.

Mazumder, J.

Pedikekkal, A.

Al-Enaizan, A. (Student)

  • Document course specifications for all chemistry courses and review the learning outcomes (LOs) and their assessments based on pre-defined assessment tools
  • Assess the program LOs according to a pre-defined assessment time plan and document the assessment outcome with relevant evidences
  • Document and manage course files/reports for graduate and undergraduate levels
  • Review course reports and syllabi and report the comments/recommendations to the Chairman
  • Prepare all needed materials and documents for external assessment teams and/or for accreditations
  • Upd ate teaching and learning KPIs and measurable indicators

3-Quality Assurance



Ullah, N. (Chair)

Abualkibash, A.

Committees' Chairs of:


Program Assessment



  • Ensure proper implementation of the strategic plans of the department and programs and update them once in every five years
  • Monitor the progress of the department's KPIs and measurable indicators
  • Handle matters related to planning, quality assurance and assessment for teaching and learning of chemistry courses in coordination with other department's committees
  • Monitor the quality of teaching of chemistry courses (includes identification and documentation of evidences and performance indicators, benchmarking and monitoring of improvement tasks, and the adoption of best teaching practices)
  • Conduct necessary surveys (program experience, student graduation, alumni, employers surveys and others) to be used for the self-study practice
  • Ensure the proper documentation of evidences and supporting materials related to the self-assessment
  • Prep are the department's annual report



Fettouhi, M. (Chair)

Al-Hamdan, A.

All Division Heads

  • Evaluate and update department programs
  • Review proposals to initiate new chemistry courses
  • Revie w requests from Division Heads for adopting new textbooks for chemistry course and make proper recommendations
  • Handle credit transfers, double-major and course-equivalence requests
  • Review students degree plans and propose course offering every semester for chemistry/industrial chemistry students (done in the first two weeks of every semester)
  • C oordinate undergraduate research activities and report their outcomes
5-Outreach & Information

Chanbasha, B. (Chair)

Siddiqui, M.

Al-Betar, A.

Al-Hamouz, O.

Al-Mutaileg, S. (IT)

President, Chemistry Club

Geioushy, R. (Student)

Al-Qadheeb, H. (Student)

Al-Luhaidan, A. (Student)



  • Coordinate and run a structured community engagement plan which includes public lectures, short courses, awareness activities, faculty/students scientific contributions, demos for public, etc.
  • Conduct efficient awareness activities (e.g. Open Day, Major Selection Day, scholarship awareness, alumni invitations and others), aiming to increase the chemistry undergraduate enrollment
  • Prepare department brochures and leaflets
  • Maintain the department's notice boards and update them regularly
  • Improve and update the contents of the department's website (people information, regular events, photo galleries, etc.) as well as courses and faculty web pages
  • Document updated faculty list and their CVs (once every Spring semester)
  • Report number and performance of CHEM and ICHM undergraduate students (once every semester)
  • Respond to external requests for information
  • Update community engagement, student services and undergraduate enrollment KPIs and measurable indicators
6-Faculty Search

Khaled, M. (Chair)

Al-Hamdan, A.

Badawi, H.

Forner, W.

Alhooshani, K.

  • Evaluate applications for faculty positions
  • Arrange to participate in international recruitment events and conference job fairs
  • Invite potential post-docs to visit the department
  • Develop a recruitment plan for positions needed in the department
  • Update faculty recruitment KPIs and measurable indicators

Al-Thagfi, J. (Chair)

Kazi, I. (Safety Officer)

Qurashi, A

Saleem, M.

Ismael, I.

Al-Zaki, M.

Bahlouli, H. (Student)

  • Coordinate all safety related issues and respond to university requests
  • Conduct regular safety inspections of both teaching and research labs (short-term check-ups: once every month, and long-term check-ups: once every semester) and report the findings to the department's Chairman
  • Report and phase out old equipment and obsolete items
  • Monitor unused chemicals and manage the disposal of chemical wastes
  • Raise the awareness of department's personnel (faculty, technicians and students) and assist them regarding important safety issues through delivering public lectures, distributing leaflets, organizing specialized workshops, inviting experts, etc.
  • Design and implement a safety training program for all students working in research labs
  • Supply first-aid materials
  • Evaluate regularly safety guidelines/procedures in the department and benchmark against international universities
  • Document all safety activities and programs
8-Graduate Studies

El-Ali, B. (Chair)

Forner, W.

Imam, M.

Al-Thagfi, J.

Oladepo, S.

  • Evaluate graduate students' applications, make recommendations and submit the results of the evaluations to the graduate coordinator for further action
  • Propose graduate courses offering every semester
  • Evaluate the proposals and the final reports of the directed research courses and submit the results of the evaluations to the graduate coordinator for further action
  • Prepare, conduct and evaluate the presentations of the reports of the directed research courses. Submit the results of the evaluations of the presentations to the graduate coordinator for further action
  • Conduct the comprehensive examination each semester upon the request of the graduate coordinator
  • Update/coordinate the website contents relevant to graduate studies and respond to prospective students inquiries
  • Receive student feedback on the graduate curriculum and review them regularly
  • Improve the graduate study internal policies, conduct statistics on the students enrollment and diversity, faculty supervision, thesis completions, etc. and provide recommendations to the Chairman
  • Follow up different matters related to the graduate program and its development
9-Collaboration with NUS

Department's Chairman (Chair)

Alhooshani, K. (Coordinator)

El-Ali, B.

Khaled, M.

Ullah, N.

Chanbasha, B.

  • Discuss various aspects of collaboration with the National University of Singapore (NUS) in areas of research and teaching
  • Follow up and review the progress of collaboration and funded projects
  • Coordinate with the counterparts in NUS
  • Organize all activities related to the collaboration (students exchange, biannual meetings, progress reports, etc.)
  • Report the collaboration progress to the Vice Rector of Research
10-Industrial Advisory

Department's Chairman (Chair)

Khaled, M. (Coordinator)

Abdulaziz Al-Meshari (Sabic)

Nizar Mansour (Sabic)

Mansour Al-Lahiani (Saudi Aramco)

Saleh Al-Ammari (Saudi Aramco)

  • Develop links with the  industrial sector
  • Enable mutual exchange of information between the department and the industry
  • Facilitate collection of information related to the performance of the department graduates needed for accreditation
  • Identify industrial requirements related to Chemistry specialty  in order to improve and develop educational programs (such as introducing relevant technical electives) and short courses to serve their requirements
  • Set direction for applied research to venture into areas that can benefit the industrial sector
  • Enrich faculty experiences by providing opportunities for consultation to the industry
  • Encourage industrial companies to participate in short courses, seminars and workshops organized by the department and the university