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 Doctorate's Program

  • ​​The Doctorate of science courses in Chemistry are available to students who meet the requirements for admission to the University which are listed below:
  • Applicants holding a Master’s degree equivalent to that from KFUPM from a reputable university with GPA of 3.50 or above are eligible for admission to the Doctorate's program.
  • All applicants must have acceptable scores in TOEFL (Minimum 520), TWE , general GRE and subject GRE.
  • Applications for admission to graduate study should be addressed to the College of Graduate Studies. Graduate students are admitted for the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Applications should be made at the beginning of the semester preceding the one for which admission is sought, except in the case of International students, who should allow a full nine month period between the date of application and the semester of admission in order to allow ample time for evaluation of their applications, interviews, and the acquisition of the appropriate visa.
  • The doctorate degree is awarded to candidates who have shown an in depth understanding of the subject matter in their discipline and an ability to make an original contribution to knowledge in their field. Every entering student must pass the Preliminary Examination conducted by the department to evaluate his background in chemistry.
  • Candidates with deficiencies will be required to take within the first year of enrollment, remedial courses for which no credits will be given towards the Ph. D.
  • The successful completion of thirty (30) credit hours of course work beyond the M.S. degree is required. Graduate credit is given only for 500 and 600 level courses as illustrated in the Ph. D. degree plan.
  • At least fifteen (15) credit hours should be from the candidate’s major field of specialization. Nine(9) credit hours may be taken in a minor field of study chosen from a different area within the department, and six (6) credit hours from outside the department of chemistry but relevant to the candidate’s program of study.
  • A comprehensive examinations in the major and minor areas and an oral presentation of a research proposal are required after the successful completion of the course requirements.
  • The oral and written examinations must be cleared no later than three years after enrollment as a Ph.D. student.
  • In addition to the above requirements, the candidate must write and successfully defend a dissertation based on original and creative research that constitutes a contribution to further knowledge in his area of specialization.
  • The student is also required to attend all departmental seminars and will be required to assist in undergraduate teaching. The maximum residence allowed is six years beyond the M.S. degree.

Summary of the Chronological Sequence of Events in the Ph.D. program:
  • Admission.
  • Entrance Examination.
  • Fulfillment of remedial courses (if any) within the first year of enrollment.
  • Choice of dissertation advisor; orientation in research, choice of field of research.
  • Fulfillment of course requirements.
  • Written Comprehensive Examination.
  • Oral Comprehensive Examination (proposal).
  • Admission to candidacy, and forming the Dissertation Examining Committee.
  • Dissertation Preparation and review.
  • Dissertation defense; Graduation.
Thirty (30) credit hours of course work (500 and 600 level) beyond the M.S. degree courses as given under the Ph. D. requirements plus the following

CHEM 698 Advanced Graduate Seminar I 1 0 1
CHEM 699 Advanced Graduate Seminar II 1 0 1
CHEM 710 Ph. D. Dissertation 0 0 12
CHEM xxx Teaching Practice

The Ph. D. Courses are distributes over four semester as illustrated in the Ph. D. Plan