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 Dr. Abdul Rehman

  • 2008, Ph.D: University of Vienna, Austria (Analytical Chemistry; Chemical Sensors)
  • 2001, M.S : University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan (Analytical Chemistry)
  • Nanomaterials, polymers, and Ionic Liquid Composites for Chemical Sensing in Harsh Environments.
  • Novel Sensor and Interface Design for Sensing Reliability.

Representative Publications/Patents ​
  • Tan, L.; Lin, P.; Rehman, A.; Pezeshkian, B.; Madlambayan, G.; Zeng, X. Q.: Monitoring cell-to-cell interactions. US patent application Serial Number 62/101,142.
  • Rehman, A.; Zeng, X.: Methods and approach for utilizing ionic liquids as gas sensing materials. RSC Advances 2015, 5, 58371-58392.
  • Zeng, X; Wang, Z.; Rehman, A.; Electrode/electrolyte interfacial processes in ionic liquids in Electrochemistry of Ionic Liquids (Torriero, A. (Ed.)), 2015, ISBN 978-3-319-15384-1.
  • Ma, F.; Rehman, A.; Sims, M.; Zeng, X. Antimicrobial Susceptibility Assays Based on the Quantification of Bacterial Lipopolysaccharides via a Label Free Lectin Biosensor. Analytical Chemistry 2015, 87, 4385-4393.
  • Rehman, A.; Bukowski, M.; Liu, Y.; Zhou, Y.; Chung, A.; Zeng, X.: Evaluating the formation of different gold nanostructures from the blending reaction of HAuCl4 and histidine. Nanoscale 2015, In Review..