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 Dr. Majad Khan

  • 2000-2004 PhD in synthetic polymer chemistry and surface initiated polymerizations for delivery of small molecules, under the supervision of Prof. Wilhelm Huck at the Melville Laboratory for Polymer Synthesis at Cambridge University, UK. Throughout my PhD studies I worked on various synthetic polymer methodologies such as: Free radical, Ring-opening polymerization and ATRP polymerization. Thesis Title: New Routes to Hyperbranched Macromolecules
  • 1996-2000 MSci in Chemistry at Imperial College London (2.1 Class)
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Representative Publications/Patents ​
  •  Z. X. Voo, M. Khan, Q. X. Xu, K. Narayanan, B. W. J. Ng, R. B. Ahmad, J. L. Hedrick, and Y. Y. Yang, “Antimicrobial coatings against biofilm formation: the unexpected balance between antifouling and bactericidal behaviour” Polymer Chemistry (2016), 7, 656-668.
  •  A. L. M. Tan, A. X. L. Lim, Y. Zhu, Y. Y. Yang, M. Khan* “Cationic Bolaamphamphiles for Gene Delivery” COSMOS (Singapore National Academy of Science), (2015), 10, 25-38. *corresponding author
  • Z. X. Voo, M. Khan, K. Narayanan, D. Seah, J. L. Hedrick, and Y. Y. Yang, "Antimicrobial/Antifouling Polycarbonate Coatings: Role of Block Copolymer Architecture," Macromolecules, (2015), 48[4], 1055-1064.
  • C. Y. Ang, S. Y. Tan, X. L. Wang, Q. Zhang, M. Khan, L. Bai, S. T. Selvan, X. Ma, L. L. Zhu, K. T. Nguyen, N. S. Tan, Y. Zhao “Supramolecular Nanoparticle Carriers Self-assembled from Cyclodextrin- and Adamantane-functionalized Polyacrylates for Tumor-targeted Drug Delivery” Journal of Materials Chemistry B (2014), 2, 1879-1890.
  • M. Khan*, K. Narayanan*, H. F. Lu, C. Yang, N. Wiradharma, Y. Y. Yang, A. Wan. “Delivery of Reprogramming Factors into Fibroblasts for Generation of Non-genetic Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Using a Cationic Bolaamphiphile as a Non-Viral Vector” Biomaterials (2013), 34, 5336-43.* Co-First Authors