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 General Purpose Facilities

​Oil Testing Center (OTC)

Objectives Of The Oil Testing Center

  • Performing standard tests on crude oil and petroleum products such as fuels and lubricating oils used or produced by governmental or non- governmental corporations.
  • Consulting services for local and neighboring petroleum industries.
  • Research and development projects.
  • Training technical personnel and students (undergraduate or graduate) in techniques applied in crude oil and petroleum product testing.
OTC Laboratories And Facilities

The center is equipped with major instruments such as: High performance liquid chromatograph, an Atomic absorption spectrophotometer, a Mass spectrometer and others, in addition to instruments needed for standard test required for crude oil and petroleum products.

Standard tests are performed according to current standards. Methods are taken from the American Society for Testing Materials, ASTM, the British Institute of Petroleum, and others. The possibility of carrying out other tests upon request, may be explored.

Some Activities Cooperating  With The Following Agencies:
The quality of petroleum products distributed by Petrolube was monitored.

Royal Saudi Air Force
Samples of used oils from jet engines after specific flying periods were analyzed to determine the percent wear in the different parts of the engine.

Tests (dielectric strength test and chromatographic analysis of gas components).

The Center has also been involved in a program in which regular tests have been carried out on fighter and tank fuels as well as engine lubricating oils for the allied forces during the Gulf war.

The General Instrumentation Laboratory

The laboratory contains instruments for students to be used for regular courses and senior projects as well as res​earch.

Glass Blowing Workshop

An experienced glass blower is available with the required equipment and materials to carry out all kinds of glass blowing operations.

PC Facilities In The Department

The department is provided with a PC laboratory in addition to the PC sets available in many of the teaching laboratories.

Electronic Workshop

An electronic workshop is available in the chemistry Department. Experienced electronic engineer is available to take care of installing, troubleshooting, and repairing of departmental electronic equipment. It is known that utilization of sophisticated analytical equipment used by Faculty and researchers in their teaching or research are subjected to malfunction or breakdown due to several reasons. The Chemistry Department at KFUPM is adopting a preventive maintenance program (PMP) solely carried out by existing resources, with the following objectives:

  •  reduce instruments/equipment downtime,
  •  install new instruments/equipment received from vendors,
  •  perform the required preventive maintenance tasks in a proficient manner according to operation instructions of each instruments/equipment,
  •  repair malfunction and broken  instruments/equipment,
  •  coordinate maintenance with outsiders for major instruments/equipment breakdowns,
  •  order spare parts and services from outside vendors,
  •  assist students, technicians and faculty on operating of instruments/equipment,
  •  provide technical, electronic and troubleshoot support for all instruments/equipment, and
  •  ​maintain cost-effective maintenance for all instruments/equipment.