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The mission of the Industrial Catalysis master program is to provide quality integrated theoretical and practical learning experiences in the fields of catalysis that prepare students for successful careers in order to meet the challenges of Saudi Chemical industries and government sectors and provide professional development services to Saudi industries.

Why Master Program of "Industrial Catalysis" at KFUPM?

  • Catalysis involves somewhere in the production chain of more than 80 % of all manufactured chemical products.

  • Career prospects for graduates with specialist knowledge in catalysis are strong, particularly in the petrochemical industry.

  • The economic prospect of the petrochemical industry in the kingdom is showing significant growth. The Saudi Arabian general investment authority (SAGIA) announced in 2019 more than US 2 Billion investments in new petrochemical facilities in the kingdom.

  • The students in the Industrial Catalysis program are benefiting from the first-class research facilities available and the chemistry and chemical engineering departments and the research institute at KFUPM.

  • The courses are taught by experts in their field providing in-depth and cutting edge knowledge.


The objectives of the Master in Industrial Catalysis program aim for the graduates to:

  • attain employment in the governmental or private sector related to the chemical and petrochemical industry, or engage in entrepreneurship.

  • advance their careers by demonstrating leadership and interpersonal skills, including teamwork and communication skills.

  • be able to practice scientifically appropriate decisions in selecting and improving catalysts and catalytic systems for a given industrial process.

  • pursue their professional development through self-learning or pursue advanced degrees.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate will be able to:

  • demonstrate in-depth knowledge in the fields of catalysis.

  • apply the basic practical skills required in the synthesis, characterization, and testing of catalysts.

  • demonstrate competence in the application of the principles of catalysis in solving problems relevant to the chemical industry.

  • extend knowledge and self-development in the area of catalysis.

  • identify contemporary issues related to the best practices in catalysis.

Degree Plan

Course #TitleLTLBCR
Fall Semester   
CHEM551Catalysts Preparation and Characterization303
CHEM552Organometallic Catalysis303
CHE527Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals Processing303
CHE530Advanced Reaction Engineering303
Spring Semester   
CHEM553Catalyst Evaluation, Testing and Scale Up303
CHEM554Kinetics of Catalytic Reactions. Concepts and Modeling303
CHE532Heterogeneous Catalysis303
CHEM529Catalysis in Polymerization303
  Total Credit Hours  30