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The mission of the Polymer Science and Engineering program is to provide students with a deep and comprehensive understanding of polymer chemistry that is linked with a wide range of essential knowledge and learning experiences related to engineering fields. The program will provide students with a balance of theory, applications, and research experience.  In addition, the program will prepare professional graduates who can positively be involved in the research and development of the polymer industry.

Why Master Program of "Polymer Science and Engineering" at KFUPM?

The objectives of the Master in Polymer Science and Engineering aims for the graduates to attain the following:

  • Leading professionals in the governmental or private sector related to the fields of polymer science, chemical and petrochemical industry, or engage in entrepreneurship with thorough knowledge and experience in these fields.

  • Motivated, life-long learners, self-dependent, and creative with problem-solving experience.

  • Responsible, ethically driven, and practicing teamwork skills.

  • Conducting innovative research and advanced developments in polymers and their application.

  • Practicing scientifically appropriate approaches toward designing synthetic polymers of desired properties to suit target applications.


Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the fundamental theories, synthesis, modern characterization techniques, testing and processing methods and the engineering applications of polymers.

  • Conduct experimental procedures and follow safety rules and regulations.

  • Apply the basic practical skills required in the synthesis, characterization, and testing of polymers.

  • Demonstrate competence in creative thinking and problem solving related to the science and applications of polymers.

  • Demonstrate the skills of excellent communication, life-long learning, and teamwork capability.

  • Demonstrate competence in designing polymers to satisfy target applications.

Degree Plan

Course #TitleLTLBCR
First Semester   
CHEM529Catalysis in Polymerization 303
CHEM 537Polymer Synthesis 303
CHE540Applied Polymer Rheology303
ME578Mechanical Properties of Engineering Polymers300
Second Semester   
CHEM530Polymeric Materials in Oil and Gas Industries 303
CHEM630Physical Chemistry and Characterization of Polymers303
CHE541Polymer Processing303
CHEM531Functional Polymers303
  Total Credit Hours  30