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 MS Degree Requirements and Policies

  1. The Master of Science program in Chemistry is available to students holding a B.S. degree in Chemistry and meet the requirements for admission to the University graduate program.

  2. The student must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 at all times. Departmental requirements for the 30 credit hours are listed below.

  3. Towards the end of their second semester in residence, students must select their field, research topic and advisor.

  4. A total of 24 credit hours of coursework (500 or 600 level) is required. This includes 18 credit hours of chemistry courses (500 or 600 level) and 6 credit hours of free electives (500 or 600 level).

  5. The free electives can be taken from chemistry graduate courses or, upon the approval of the graduate advisor, from graduate courses in other departments.

  6. M.S. students are required to present a seminar once during the program, and to attend all department seminars.

  7. Six (6) credit hours of research work towards the preparation of an M.S. thesis are required.

  8. The candidate shall prepare a thesis proposal on a topic under the guidance of his supervisor and dissertation committee.  The proposal should then be approved by the department council, college council and Dean of Graduate Studies.

  9. The Thesis Committee examines the candidate on the thesis.

  10. The candidate, in consultation with his Thesis Committee, and after approval from the Dean of Graduate Studies, shall arrange a time and place for a public defense of the dissertation.

  11. The candidate should complete his thesis by the fifth semester of his study.

Degree Plan for the M.S. Program in Chemistry

Course No.TitleLTLBCR
First Semester
CHEM 501Physical Chemistry: A Molecular Approach303
CHEM 504 Advanced Analytical Chemistry 303
CHEM 5xx/ CHEM 6xx Elective 1 303
Second Semester
CHEM 502Chemistry of Coordination Compounds 303
CHEM 503Organic Reactions: Mechanism and Reactivity303
CHEM 5xx/ CHEM 6xx Elective 2 303
CHEM 599Seminar100
Third Semester
Free 5xx/ Free 6xx Free Elective 1 / Chemistry Elective 303
Free 5xx/ Free 6xx  Free Elective 2 / Chemistry Elective 303
CHEM 610 M.S. Thesis 00IP
Fourth and Subsequent Semesters
CHEM 610 M.S. Thesis 006
Total Credit Hours 30