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 Master’s program

​​The Master of Science courses in Chemistry are available to students who meet the requirements for admission to the University which are listed below: 

  • Graduates in chemistry from recognized institutions who have a GPA of 3.00 or better (on a 4.00 scale or equivalent) are eligible to apply for admission to the Master’s program. 
  • All applicants must have acceptable scores in TOEFL (Minimum 520), TWE , general GRE and subject GRE. 
  • Applications for admission to graduate study should be addressed to the College of Graduate Studies. Graduate students are admitted for the Fall and Spring semesters. 
  • Applications should be made at the beginning of the semester preceding the one for which admission is sought, except in the case of International students, who should allow a full nine month period between the date of application and the semester of admission in order to allow ample time for evaluation of their applications, interviews, and the acquisition of the appropriate visa. 
  • Entering students must pass a Placement Examination conducted by the Department. 
  • Candidates with deficiencies will be required to take, within the first year, remedial courses for which no credit will be given towards the M. S. degree. 
  • A minimum of 24 (500 level) credit hours of courses' work plus six credit hours of research towards the preparation of an M. S. thesis will be required. 
  • Teaching of one semester in an undergraduate laboratory course and attendance of Departmental seminars are required.

The Master’s program consists of a total of 30 credits hours: 12 credit hours of core courses, 12 credit hours of elective courses plus 6 credit hours for a thesis as listed below:  

CHEM510Advanced Physical Chemistry303
CHEM526Physical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry303
CHEM530Advanced Organic Chemistry303
CHEM540Advanced Analytical Chemistry303
CHEM5xx*Chemistry Elective303
CHEM5xx*Chemistry Elective303
CHEM5xx*Chemistry Elective303
CHEM5xx*Chemistry Elective303
CHEMxxx*Teaching Practice000
Electives must be from the graduate level (500 or above) courses related to the candidate’s major field of specialization.
  • These Courses are distributes over three semester as illustrated in the M. S. Plan

A typical M. S. degree plan for a full-time student is given below :


CHEM 510 Advanced Physical Chemistry303
CHEM 526 Physical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry303
CHEM 530 Advanced Organic Chemistry303
CHEM 540Advanced Analytical Chemistry303


CHEM 5xx* Chemistry Elective 303
CHEM 5xx* Chemistry Elective 303
CHEM 5xx* Chemistry Elective 303
CHEM 5xx*Chemistry Elective 303
CHEM xxx*Teaching Practice 000
CHEM 599 Seminar000


CHEM 610Thesis006


Total 30 
Electives can also be taken from 600 level courses related to the candidates major filed of specialization. Any remedial course (s) assigned because of academic deficiencies are not counted towards the degree program. One semester of teaching practice is also required. An M.S. student may start his research as early as the Second Semester, but will be given six hours of credit for the thesis upon its completion.​