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​Specific research in Organic Chemistry at KFUPM include synthesis of bioactive natural products and new pharmaceuticals, functional materials, self-organized supramolecular assemblies, asymmetric synthesis using biocatalysis, design and synthesis of smart corrosion inhibitor molecules. 
Much of the current research in the department takes place at the interface of organic chemistry with other areas such as materials science and nanotechnology.

Listing of personnel specializing in this area of Chemistry and their research topics:

Name Research Topic
Ali, S​A Synthesis and application of smart corrosion inhibitor
​Al Imam, MR Synthesis of supramolecular assemblies
Musa, MM Biocatalysis, Asymmetric synthesis
Ullah, N Synthesis of bioactive Natural products and designed based new pharmaceutical
Jalilov, AS Physical organic chemistry, carbon nanomaterials, catalysis, photochemistry