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 Polymer, Materials And Nanoscience

​​​Research in Polymer, Materials and Nanoscience at KFUPM addresses a broad spectrum of important problems of current interest and their investigation covers interdisciplinary areas of synthesis and application of new materials. Specific areas of research include design, synthesis and characterization of smart polymeric materials for applications in corrosion inhibition, microencapsulation and membrane based separations; synthesis and application of polymer composites (nano and macro); synthesis of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for application in the fields of gas adsorption/separation (especially H2, methane storage and CO2 capture), catalysis, sensors, drug delivery, bio-imaging, data storage and optical switches; fuel upgrading by desulfurization and conversion of waste plastics into useful chemicals; synthesis of water-soluble polymers and novel resins for application as kinetic hydrate inhibitors, antiscalants and as adsorbents for removing toxic metal ions and organic contaminants.  

Listing of personnel specializing in this area of Chemistry and their research topics:
Name Research Topic
Ali, SA Synthesis of smart polymers as antiscalants and kinetic hydrate inhibitors, and resins for water treatment
Al-Hamouz, OCS Synthesis of materials for carbon dioxide capture and treatment of wastewater
Khaled, M Developing functional and responsive surfaces  as anticorrosive and antibacterial fouling
Mazumder, MAJ Smart polymeric materials for corrosion inhibition,  microencapsulation and membrane based separations
Al-Muallem, HA Synthesis and application of water-soluble polymers 
Peedikakkal, AMP Metal-Organic Frameworks
Saleh, TA Synthesis of nanomaterials and nanocomposites
Sidd​iqui, MN Polymer composites (nano and macro), desulfurization, recycle of plastic wastes
Garrison, TF Polymer, Materials and Nanoscience
Jalilov, AS Physical organic chemistry, carbon nanomaterials, catalysis, photochemistry