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Research Areas

Research activities at KFUPM are vital endeavors in enhancing teaching, learning and the experiences of students and faculty. Both undergraduate and graduate ​​students in the chemistry department carry out chemical research under the supervision of a faculty. The research areas, which are progressively developed keeping in view of the international importance, national needs and important problems of current interest of the Kingdom, are detailed below.  

​Abulkibash, A; Al-Betar, AF; Chanbasha, B; Al-Hooshani, KR; Kawde, AN; Oladepo S. A.
El Ali, B; Fettouhi, MB; Al-Harbi, AB; Isab, AA; Al-Thagfi, JR; Peedikakkal, AP​.​

Ali, SA; Al Imam, MR; Musa, MM; Ullah, N; Jalilov AS.

Badawi, HM; Morsy, MA; Oweimreen, G; Al-Saadi, AA; Wazeer, MIM; Rinaldi, A.

​Ali, SA; Al-Hamouz, OCS; Khaled, M; Mazumder, MAJ; Al-Muallem, HA; Peedikakkal, AMP; Saleh, TA; Siddiqui, MN; Garrison, TF; Jalilov AS.​