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The department operates a large number of Laboratories devoted for teaching and research. Many of these laboratories are used for the regular chemistry courses and senior projects carried out by students. The laboratories listed below are classified according to the various divisions in the department:
General Chemistry Laboratories
There are 7 laboratories equipped with instruments, devices and materials necessary to run basic chemistry experiments taught in the two freshman chemistry courses CHEM- 101 and CHEM-102.
Analytical Chemistry Laboratories
These laboratories (3) provide training in the basic methods of analysis namely, wet chemical methods including titrametric and gravimetric methods of analysis. They are are also provided with instrumental analysis facilities such as flame atomic absorption, flame atomic emission, inductively coupled plasma spectrophotometers, various electroanalytical facilities, a gas chromatograph and a C, H,N and S elemental analyzer. The laboratories serve three courses, namely, CHEM-223,CHEM-323, and CHEM-324 as well as the senior projects (CHEM-471 and CHEM-472). They also serve the community by carrying out various types of chemical analyses.
Physical Chemistry Laboratories
The laboratories (2) are equipped to carry out experiments to illustrate gas laws, calorimetry, electrochemistry, kinetics, viscosity and others. They are used for CHEM-212 and CHEM-311 as well as senior projects.
Organic Chemistry Laboratories
They are provided with basic equipment required to carry out synthesis of various organic compounds and some means required in identification of the organic compounds. These equipment include: classical devices, spectrometers (visible-UV and infrared spectrometers), chromatographs, refractometers, polarometers, etc. These laboratories are used for CHEM-201, CHEM -202, CHEM-303 and senior project courses.
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratories
The laboratories are used mainly for CHEM- 331 and the senior project courses. They contain the main facilities necessary for synthesis of coordination complexes and organometallic complexes which may be utilized as catalysts.
Polymer Chemistry Laboratory
It contains the necessary facilities for the synthesis of various types of polymers and the study of their physical properties. The laboratory is provided with facilities used for complete characterization of polymers which include, a vapor phase osmometer, membrane osmometer thermogravimetric measurement devices, etc. The laboratory serves mainly CHEM-450 and the senior project courses.
Industrial Chemistry Laboratory
The laboratory is designed to run an industrial chemistry course and for applied research in the fields of catalysis and petrochemistry. Facilities necessary for synthesis and testing of catalysts, pilot plant operation, etc. are available in.