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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at KFUPM. The department provides the opportunity for students to obtain a thorough fundamental knowledge of the broad field of chemistry at the undergraduate (B.S.) and graduate (M.S. and Ph.D.) levels.


We the faculty, staff and graduate students in the KFUPM Chemistry department work as one big family; we conscientiously and in a collegial manner share the teaching and advising responsibilities to make the department the best in the region. Our teaching and research facilities are state of the art in the Kingdom. We are continuously expanding and we are modernizing our research laboratories to promote R&D collaborations with our industrial partners. As part of our long-term commitment in improving chemistry education in the Kingdom, we recently opened a new building dedicated to modern teaching laboratories. As we move into the future, the Kingdom faces challenges in restructuring and expanding employment opportunities for new graduates. We strive to meld these challenges into opportunities for our students by leveraging our strong industry links and our robust chemistry education with the latest advances in chemical research. We are launching a one-year professional Master's degree program to address the critical need for chemists with advanced training to work in the petrochemical industry within the Kingdom.


I cordially invite you to visit our department web pages for further details about the department, our academic programs, the faculty and their research.

This is an exciting time for our department, our College, and our University.  We welcome you to be a part of it.