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The Chemistry department would like to congratulate faculty members for winning the following KFUPM funded internal projects in April 2017. Department trusts that our faculty members deserves and capable of winning more projects in next cycle April 2018.
"Together, we can raise the bar of research in the department and KFUPM as well".

Project No.Project TitleName
IN161005Synthesis and Characterization of cis and trans Platinum(II)-thione Complexes and their anti-cancer activity against various cancer cell linesAnvar Husein Isab
IN161007Comprehensive Investigation of the Depolymerization Kinetics and Mechanism of Polymers and Blends Originating in Waste Electrical and Electronic EquipmentMohammad Nahid Siddiqui
IN161011Synthesis of Hybrid Polymeric Nanomaterials and their applications for Deep Water Purification in column systemTawfik Abdo Saleh Awadh
IN161012Palladium-Catalyzed C-H activation of 2-Amino thiazol and Maleimide to synthesize pharmacologically active compoundsMuhammad Sharif
IN161017Towards Single-Molecule Magnets with Nonlinear Optical Properties. Polynuclear Complexes Based on New Push-pull Derivatives of 2-(Hydroxymethyl)pyridineMohammed Benyounes Fettouhi
IN161021Empowering Asymmetric Phosphine Catalysis via Novel Modes of ActivationNisar Ullah
IN161034New Microporous Polymers for Carbon Dioxide and Toxic Metal Ion CaptureOthman Sadeq othman Al Hamouz
IN161036Preparation and Evaluation of Synthetic Polymeric Composite Membranes for the Removal of Metal ions from Waste WaterMohammad Abu Jafar Mazumder
IN161040Stereoinversion of Enantiopure Secondary Alcohols Using a Single Enzymatic ApproachMusa Mohammed Musa
IN161046Mapping of Saudi Arabian Crude Oil by Advanced Spectro-Chemical MethodsMohammed Ali Morsy ​​​