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Chemistry Departm​Ent Activities Between 24th April To 28st April 2016




1Sunday Apr. 24, 2016

01:00  to

02:10 PM

4-101Graduate Seminar

Odey Falah Bsharat

CHEM 599

Asymmetric Reduction of Prochiral Ketones by Tetrahydroxynaphthalene Reductase

Umar Cheche Abubakar

CHEM 599

Utilization Of Biomimetic in Water Treatment

Nurudeen Adewale Odewunmi

CHEM 699

Porous Liquids for Gas Separation
2Monday Apr. 25, 201609:00 AM6-200MS Defense

Ali Osman Saeed Altoum


Dr. Anvarhussain Isab

Synthesis and Characterization of some Platinum(II) Complexes with Selone Ligands and Their Anti-Cancer Activity
3Tuesday Apr. 26, 201601:00 PM7-120MS Defense

Akram Abdallah Mohammed Ibrahim

Advisor: Dr Ahsan Qureshi

Synthesis and Fabrication of Hetero-Structured Metal Oxide Nanoarrays and Their Characterization for Water Splitting Applications
4Wednesday Apr. 27, 201611:00 AM4-125Seminar


Dr. Husin Sitepu

Research and Development Center, Saudi Aramco


Microstructure Characterization of Anatase (TiO2) by Rietveld Method
5​Thursday Apr. 28, 2016



4-101Ph.D Dissertation

Adam Ahmed Abdallah Seliman

Advisor: Dr  Anvarhussain Isab

Synthesis Anti-Cancer Evaluation of New Mixed-Ligand Gold(I) Complexes with Dithiocarbamates and Phosphines, and Interaction Study of Gold (III)-1,2 Diaminocyclohexane Complexes with Some Biomolecules