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  ​King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals 
Department of Chemistry ​
 Speaker Mr. Yasir Abbas
 TitleSafety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories
 AbstractThe recurrence of accidents or bad lab practices in chemical laboratories can be injurious to the health of students and researcher, and may even lead to loss of property and life. As our knowledge of chemical hazard moves on, Chemical and Lab Safety has become an integral part of university teaching curriculum. Accidents do not just happen-they are caused. To prevent mishap in the chemistry laboratory to happen, abiding by lab safety guidelines is critical. In addition, having appropriate knowledge of and adhering to good lab practices, personal protective equipment, MSDS, globally harmonized system pictograms, chemicals compatibility, appropriate storage of chemicals, proper housekeeping and emergency response are all instrumental in minimizing or alleviating the risk. This presentation will cover and elaborate on several aspects of Chemical and Lab Safety.




November 5th, 2014

11:00 AM

 PlaceBuilding 4 - 125

There will be a get-together with Refreshments between10:45-11:00 am in B4 - 125

Courtesy: SAICSC-ACS

​Dr. Musa M. Musa, Seminar Coordinator ​