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  ​King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals 
Chemistry Department ​
 Speaker ​

Dr. Naeem Akmal

R & D Center, Saudi Aramco

 TitleAnalytical Tools to Monitor Components of Natural Gas during Upgrading and Recovery of High Value Components
 AbstractNatural gas is the fastest growing primary source of energy.  The use of natural gas is expected to almost double between 1999 and 2020.  It provides a relatively clean fuel for the worldwide energy demand.  The utilization of natural gas depends on its contents: nitrogen, C1 thru C6 and higher carbon molecules, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and moisture.  High nitrogen content does not allow natural gas to be the most suitable source of energy.  Additionally, high acid-gas content in natural gas warrants its removal prior to its usage as a viable source of energy.  The upgrading of natural gas is achieved by techniques known as pressure swing adsorption, cryogenic technique and also by utilizing polymeric membranes of varying physical properties.  The efficiency of these techniques can only be determined by total analysis before, during and after the upgrading process.  The cryogenic based technique is utilized to remove nitrogen from natural gas along with helium; a rare commodity.  The presentation will describe the techniques used to monitor the composition of natural gas at various stages of upgrading, utilizing membrane and cryogenic techniques, and a detailed scenario on the presence of helium in natural gas at various gas plants, utilizing analytical tools.

April 16, 2014
11:00 AM

 PlaceBuilding 4 - 125

There will be a get-together with Refreshments between10:45-11:00 am in B4 - 125

Courtesy: SAICSC-ACS

​Dr. Mohammad Nahid Siddiqui, Chair, Seminars and Social Activities Committee ​