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 Area Wise Distribution of Courses

Area Wise Distribution of Ph.D. Courses

Area 1: Computer Architecture and High-Performance Computing ​ ​
Course No.TitleCredit Hours
COE 501
Computer Architecture
COE 502Parallel Computing(3-0-3)
COE 504Heterogeneous Computing(3-0-3)
COE 509Special Topics in Computer Architecture and HPC(3-0-3)
COE 586Computer Arithmetic(3-0-3)
COE 601Massively Parallel Computing(3-0-3)
COE 602Design and Modeling of Massively Parallel Architectures(3-0-3)
COE 603Parallel Computer Architecture(3-0-3)
COE 604Interconnection Networks(3-0-3)
COE 605Reliability and Fault Tolerance of Computer Systems (3-0-3)
ICS 556Parallel Algorithms(3-0-3)
Area 2: Computer Networks and Security ​ ​
Course No.TitleCredit Hours
COE 520Queuing Theory and Network Applications(3-0-3)
COE 540
Computer Networks(3-0-3)
COE 541Local and Metropolitan Area Networks(3-0-3)
COE 543
Mobile Computing and Wireless Networks(3-0-3)
COE 544Wireless Ad hoc Networks(3-0-3)
COE 545Wireless Sensor Networks(3-0-3)
COE 546Computer Network Design(3-0-3)
COE 547Network Management(3-0-3)
COE 551Computer and Network Security(3-0-3)
COE 553Fault Tolerance and Reliability in Computer Networks(3-0-3)
COE 554Modeling and Analysis of Computer Networks(3-0-3)
COE 555Protocol Engineering(3-0-3)
COE 559Special Topics in Computer Networks and Security(3-0-3)
COE 642Computer Systems Performance(3-0-3)
COE 644 Radio Resource Management(3-0-3)
COE 645Wireless Network Security(3-0-3)
COE 647Multimedia Networks(3-0-3)
EE 571Digital Communications I(3-0-3)
EE 573Digital Communications II(3-0-3)
EE 577Wireless and Personal Communication(3-0-3)
EE 672Satellite Communications(3-0-3)
EE 674Telecommunication Networks(3-0-3)
ICS 553Advanced Computer Algorithms(3-0-3)
ICS 554Applied Combinatorics and Graph Theory(3-0-3)
ICS 555Data Security and Encryption (3-0-3)
ICS 571Client-Server Programming
ICS 572Distributed Computing(3-0-3)
ICS 575Application Development for Internet-Based Services(3-0-3)
SEC 528Security in Wireless Networks(3-0-3)
SE 518Deterministic Modeling and Simulation(3-0-3)
SE 522Stochastic Simulation and Queuing Models(3-0-3)
Area 3: Digital System Design & Automation ​ ​
Course No.TitleCredit Hours
COE 561Digital System Design & Synthesis(3-0-3)
COE 562VLSI System Design(3-0-3)
COE 563Digital System Synthesis and Optimization(3-0-3)
COE 567Digital System Modeling & Verification(3-0-3)
COE 568Design of Re-Configurable ASICs(3-0-3)
COE 571Digital System Testing(3-0-3)
COE 572Computer-Aided Design of Digital Systems(3-0-3)
COE 579Special Topics in Digital Sys. Design and Automation(3-0-3)
COE 661System-on-Chip Modeling and Design(3-0-3)
COE 663Applied Functional Verification of Digital Systems(3-0-3)
COE 665Hardware/Software Co-design of Embedded Systems(3-0-3)
COE 686Applied Cryptography: Techniques and Architectures(3-0-3)
Area 4: Computer Systems and Applications ​ ​
Course No.TitleCredit Hours
COE 581Digital Forensics(3-0-3)
COE 586Computer Arithmetic(3-0-3)
COE 587Performance Evaluation and Analysis(3-0-3)
COE 588Modeling and Simulation(3-0-3)
COE 589Special Topics in Computer Systems and Applications(3-0-3)
COE 593Multimedia Architectures(3-0-3)
COE 596Intelligent Computing(3-0-3)
COE 597Real-Time Systems(3-0-3)
COE 683Information systems Planning(3-0-3)
COE 684Robotics(3-0-3)
COE 686Applied Cryptography: Techniques and Architectures(3-0-3)
COE 696Advanced Intelligent Computing(3-0-3)
EE 555Neural Networks Theory and Applications(3-0-3)
EE 556Intelligent Control(3-0-3)
EE 663Image Processing(3-0-3)
EE 665Signal and Image Compression(3-0-3)
ICS 543Advanced Computer Graphics(3-0-3)
ICS 555Data Security and Encryption (3-0-3)
ICS 625Advanced Neural Networks(3-0-3)
ICS 627Advanced Computer Vision(3-0-3)
SE 515Distributed Computer Control(3-0-3)
SE 532Industrial Robots(3-0-3)
SE 660Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems in Control(3-0-3)
SE 662Image Processing and Pattern Recognition in Automation(3-0-3)