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 Degree Plan for M.S. in Computer Networks

Degree Plan for M.S. in Computer Networks

Semester 1
CourseCourse No.TitleCredits
CSE/COE/ICS540Computer Communication Networks3
CSE/COE/ICS550Computer Network Design3
CSE/COE/ICS5xxNetwork Elective I3
Total Credit Hours ​ ​
Semester 2 ​ ​ ​
CourseCourse No.TitleCredits
CSE/COE/ICS571Client-Server Programming3
CSE/COE/ICS5xxNetwork Elective II3
XXXxxxElective Course I3
Total Credit Hours ​ ​
Semester 3 ​ ​ ​
CourseCourse No.TitleCredits
CSE/COE/ICS5xxNetwork Elective III3
XXXxxxElective Course II3
COE/ICS610M.S ThesisIP
Total Credit Hours ​ ​6
Semester 4
COE/ICS610M.S Thesis6
Total Credit Hours ​ ​
Total Number of Credit Hours ​ ​


  • Each student is expected to submit his detailed degree plan according to the above generic degree plan for approval by the department and the Deanship of Graduate Studies by the middle of the second semester from enrollment.
  • Students are required to adhere to the regulations of the degree plan. No relaxations will be given to any student, and the courses taken in the conflict of the above will not be counted towards the degree.
  • Two Electives are to be taken from the graduate courses from within or outside the Computer Engineering Department and Information and Computer Science Department.
  • The order of taking the courses can be different from above but the students must take the core courses before the electives.
Degree Flow