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 Depth Electives

CNET Depth Elective (D.E.):

COE 444 Internetwork Design and Management

CSYS Depth Elective (D.E.):

COE 405 Design and Modeling of Digital Systems

Recommended Electives for the CNET Track:

COE 425 Data Management Systems

COE 441 Local Area Networks 

COE 443 High Speed Networks 

COE 445 Internet Engineering and Technologies                         

COE 446 Mobile Computing                                                               

COE 451 Computer and Network Security

COE 482 Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing

Recommended Electives for the CSYS Track:

COE 403 Computer Architecture

COE 408 Reconfigurable Computing

COE 420 Parallel Computing

COE 421 Fault Tolerant Computing

COE 422 Real Time Systems

COE 461 Principles of VLSI Design

COE Electives: Any COE 4xx Course

Technical Electives (T.E.) List:

COE 4xx, ICS 353 (Algorithms), ICS 413 (introduction to SWE), SWE 378, Math…, MGT …, EE XXX, … The list of technical electives has been thoroughly revised. The complete new list of technical electives is in Appendix C.

List Of Technical Electives

EE 207 Signals and Systems

EE 303 Electronics II

EE 306 Electromechanical Devices

EE 370 Communications Engineering I

EE 380 Control Engineering I

EE 403 Semiconductor Devices

EE 410 Digital Image Processing

EE 415 Analog Integrated Circuits Analysis and Design

EE 446 Programmable Logic Controllers

GEOL 202 Applied Geosciences for Scientists and Engineers

GEOP 202 Introduction to Geophysics

QEOP 204 Introduction to Seismology

GEOP 205 Computational Geophysics

GEOP 315 Seismic Exploration I

ICS 324 Database Systems

ICS 353 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

ICS 355 Theory of Computing

ICS 381 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

ICS 410 Programming Languages

ICS 412 Compiler Construction

ICS 415 Computer Graphics

ICS 424 Advanced Database Systems

ICS 426 Data Warehousing and Data Mining

ICS 481 Artificial Neural Networks

ICS 482 Natural Language Understanding

ICS 483 Computer Vision

ICS 484 Arabic Computing

ICS 485 Machine Learning

ICS 486 Multi-Agent Systems

ICS 488 Soft Computing

MATH 301 Methods of Applied Mathematics

MATH 321 Introduction to Numerical Computing​

MATH 330 Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry

MATH 345 Modern Algebra I

MATH 401 Methods of Applied Mathematics II

MATH 425 Graph Theory

MATH 430 Introduction to Complex Variables

MATH 431 Introduction to Measure Theory and Functional Analysis

MATH 440 Differential Geometry

MATH 455 Number Theory

MATH 460 Applied Matrix Theory

MATH 470 Partial Differential Equations

MATH 471 Numerical Analysis I

MATH 472 Numerical Analysis II

MATH 480 Linear & Nonlinear Programming

MATH 485 Wavelets and Applications

MATH 495 Industrial Mathematics

ME 205 Materials Science (for non-ME students)

MGT 301 Principles of Management

MGT 311 Legal Environment

MGT 430 International Management
MIS 215 Principles of Management Information Systems

MIS 300 Fundamentals of Electronic Commerce

MIS 301 Business Systems Analysis & Design I

MIS 490 Information Resources Management

PHYS 201 General Physics III

PHYS 203 Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Materials

PHYS 211 Optics

PHYS 212 Modern Physics

PHYS 215 Introduction to Astronomy

PHYS 234 The Physics of How Things Work

PHYS 261 Energy

PHYS 271 Introduction to Special Relativity

PHYS 305 Electricity and Magnetism I

PHYS 353 Radiation and Health Physics

PHYS 365 Introduction to Medical Physics

PHYS 371 Methods of Theoretical Physics

PHYS 373 Introduction to Computational Physics


CISE 301 Numerical Methods

CISE 302  Linear Control Systems

CISE 312 Instrumentation Engineering

CISE 313 Automation Devices and Electronics

CISE 315 Signals and Systems

CISE 316 Control Systems Design

CISE 318 Computer Control Systems

CISE 412 Mechatronics

CISE 418 Industrial Process Control

CISE 421Simulation and Control for Process Industry

CISE 422 Intelligent Controllers

CISE 423 Model Predictive Control

CISE 424 Identification of Linear Systems

CISE 431 Industrial Automation

CISE 432 Digital Signal Processing

CISE 433 Condition-based Maintenance

CISE 434 Computer Numerical Control

CISE 435 Distributed Computer Control Systems

CISE 438 Instrumentation for Process Control

CISE 441 Linear Optimal Control

CISE 442 Stochastic Control

CISE 443 Introduction to Robust Control

CISE 451 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering

CISE 452 Theory of Stochastic Systems

CISE 453 Methodology for Large Scale Systems

CISE 454 Computer-Aided Manufacturing and Robotics

CISE 455 Advanced Instrumentation

CISE 456 Safety and Reliability of Control Systems

CISE 457 Industrial Communication Systems

ISE 303 Operations Research I

ISE 304 Principles of Industrial Costing

ISE 305 Optimization Methods

ISE 320 Quality Control and Industrial Statistics

ISE 323 Work and Process Improvements

ISE 402 Production Systems and Inventory Control

ISE 405 Stochastic Systems Simulation

ISE 411 Productivity engineering and Management

ISE 420 Quality Improvement Methods

ISE 421 Operation Research II

1SE 425 Queuing Systems

ISE 443 Human Factors Engineering 

ISE 447 Decision Making

ISE 448 Sequencing and Scheduling

ISE 460 Industrial Process Re-Engineering

ISE 464 Industrial Information Systems

ISE 470 Supply Chain Systems Modeling

STAT 301 Introduction to Probability Theory

STAT 302 Statistical Inference

STAT 320 Statistical Quality Control

STAT 325 Nonparametric Statistical Methods

STAT 342 Applied Statistics

STAT 355 Demographic Methods

STAT 361 Operations Research I

STAT 365 Data Collection and Sampling Methods

STAT 375 Categorical Data Analysis

STAT 415 Stochastic Processes

SWE 311 Principles of Software Engineering

SWE 312 User-Interface Design

SWE 321 Formal Methods and Models in Software Engineering

SWE 387 Software Project Management