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 MS In Computer Networks Program

In addition to the KFUPM requirements, all candidates for the M.S. degree in Computer Networks must satisfy the following requirements:

All students enrolled in the proposed M.S. program in Computer networks are required to complete 24-semester-credit hours of courses, (not including thesis) for graduate credits. These courses should be selected from his program of study which has been approved by his Graduate Committee, the department chairman, and the Dean of Deanship of Graduate Studies.

There are three required core courses in this program

Core Courses
COE 540-Computer Communication Networks (3-0-3)
COE 550-Computer Network Design (3-0-3)
ICS 571-Client Server Programming (3-0-3)

Five elective courses (15 credit hours) are to be chosen from graduate-level courses as follows:

A. Three electives must be chosen from the following three areas of Computer Networks:

Network Technology
COE 541: Local and Metropolitan Area NetworksCOE 542: High-Speed Networks
COE 543: Mobile Computing and Wireless NetworksCSE 554: Modeling and Analysis of Computer Networks
COE 549: Special Topics in Computer Networking Technologies 
Network Design and Management
CSE 551: Computer and Network SecurityCSE 552: Network Management
CSE 553: Fault Tolerance and Reliability in Computer NetworksCSE 559: Special Topics in Computer Network Design and Management
Network Software and Protocols
ICS 572: Distributed ComputingICS 573: High-Performance Computing
CSE 555: Protocol EngineeringICS 575: Application Development for Internet-Based Services
ICS 579: Special Topics in Computer Network Software and Protocols 

B. Two electives to be selected from a list of approved graduate courses from within (COE Graduate Courses) or outside the Computer Engineering Department, and Information and Computer Science Department, provided the student's advisor also approves these two courses. Moreover, the total credit hours of electives course taken by a student from departments other than the two departments mentioned above should not exceed six credit hours. 

  • In addition to the course requirements described above, a student must satisfy the thesis requirement. He should complete a thesis on an approved topic in Computer Networks under the supervision of his graduate thesis committee.
  • The student should present a seminar that describes new research findings in Computer Networks.
  • The student should satisfy any special conditions (such as passing some remedial courses satisfactorily), connected with his admission.
For admission requirements and application procedures, please consult the admission​ and deanship of graduate studies links.