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 MSc/PhD Theses

List Of Coe Ms Graduates, Their Thesis Titles, And Month Of Completion

Student Name Title Year
Mr. Abdul Rahman Moustafa ElShafei Hardware Online Multiplication-Division: A Design and Performance Study [abstract] June 2009
Mr. Anas Abdul Wahed Hasan Al Roubaiey Intursion Detection in Mobile Adhoc Networks Implementation & Performance Evolution of Adaptive Acknowledgement Approach [abstract] June 2009
Mr. Farhan Khan Transistor Level Defect Tolerant Techniques for Reliable Design at the Nanoscale [abstract] June 2009
Mr. Khaled Shuraem Alutaibi Critical Infrastrucutre Protection in Saudi Arabia: A Case Study on Petrochemical Industry Protection Aganist Terroists Attacks at Jubail Industrial City [abstract] June 2009
Mr. Mohammed Khalid S AlGhuson Utilizing Linux Clusters to Parallelize the Data Migration Process [abstract] June 2009
Mr. Tayseer Ahmed Yousef Al-Khdour A Study on Cross Layer Optimization for Application Specific Wireless Sensor Networks [abstract] June 2009
Mr. Adel Abdul Aziz Al-Akeel Optimizing Backoff Procedure for Enhanced Throughput & Fairness In Wireless LANS [abstract] June 2007
Mr. Mustafa Imran Ali An efficient Relaxation-based Test Width Compression Technique for multiple Scan Chain Test [abstract] Nov 2006
Mr. Md. Golam Kaosar VOIP In Ad-Hoc Network [abstract] Aug 2006
Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Asif Video Transport over Mobile Ad Hoc Networks [abstract] Aug 2006
Mr. Louai Adnan Al-Awami A Framework for Reliable and Fault-Tolerant Network Management Architecture [abstract] May 2006
Mr. Khaja M. Mohammed Simulation Study Using OPNET for a New Class of Network for Real Time Applications [abstract] Feb 2006
Mr. Syed Mohammed Shamsul Islam Design of a Graphical User Interface to Augment a Telerobotic Stereo-Vision System [abstract] Nov 2005
Mr. Mohammed Aijaz Mohiuddin Optimizing Weights for OSPF to improve Utilization using Modern Heuristics [abstract] Aug 2005
Mr. Abdul Subhan Designing of Cellular Mobile Networks Using Modern Heuristics [abstract] May 2005
Mr. Emran A. Ba-Abbad Ant Colony Multi-Optimization Algorithm Circuit Bi-Partitioning [abstract] May 2005
Mr. Faisal Nawaz Khan FSM State-Assignment for Area, Power and Testability using Non-Deterministic Evolutionary Heuristics [abstract] Apr 2005
Mr. Muhammad Rehan Sami Content-Aware Congestion Control Over MPLS Networks for Multimedia Transmission [abstract] Dec 2004
Mr. Shaik Sirajuddin Extensions to XML-based Network Management [abstract] Dec 2004
Mr. Syed Saqib Khursheed Test Set Compaction for Sequential Circuits Based on Test Relaxation [abstract] Nov 2004
Mr. Itrat Rasool Quadri Measurement Based Comparison between VoIPoMPLS and VoIP using Software Routers [abstract] Sep 2004
Mr. Muhammad Yahya Imam Mahmoud Design and Modeling of High Speed Modulo Multipliers for Cryptosystems [abstract] Apr 2004
Mr. Feraz Ali Mohammed Maadi Designing a Self-Timed Arithmetic Logic Unit [abstract] Mar 2004
Mr. Amisu Oluwakemi Salama-Alada Performance Analysis and Modeling of Disk I/O Subsystem in High Throughput Servers [abstract] Dec 2003
Mr. Bambang Ali Basyah Sarif Modified Ant Colony Algorithm for Combinational Logic Circuits Design [abstract] Oct 2003
Mr. Uthman Salem Al-Saiari Digital Circuit Design through Simulated Evolution [abstract] Oct 2003
Mr. Yahya Esmail Osais Efficient Static Test Compaction Algorithms for Combinational Circuits based on Test Relaxation [abstract] Sep 2003
Mr. Syed Sanaullah Parallelization of Iterative Heuristic for Performance-Driven Low-Power VLSI Standard Cell Placement [abstract] Sep 2003
Mr. Mohammad Faheemuddin Parallelization of Evolutionary Algorithms applied to Multi-Objective VLSI Standard Cell Placement [abstract] Jul 2003
Mr. Garba Ya’u Isa Memory Performance Evaluation of High Throughput Servers [abstract] May 2003
Mr. Khaled Abdul-Aziz Al-Utaibi An Efficient Test-Pattern Relaxation Technique for Synchronous Sequential Circuits [abstract] Oct 2002
Mr. Ali Saleh Mohammed Al-Suwaiyan Efficient Test Relaxation Techniques for Combinational Circuits [abstract] Sep 2002
Mr. Ahmer Zakir Topological optimization of computer networks [abstract] Jul 2002
Mr. Raslan Hashim Al-Abaji Evolutionary Techniques for Multi-objective VLSI Netlist Partitioning [abstract] Jul 2002
Mr. Yassir Obeid Mohammed Quality of Service Routing [abstract] Jul 2001
Mr. Muhammad Atif Tahir QoS-Driven Multicast Routing Algorithms [abstract] Jun 2001
Mr. Esam Ali Hasan Khan A Two-Dimensional Geometric-Shapes-Based Compression Scheme for Deterministic Testing of Systems-on-a-Chip[abstract] May 2001
Mr. Syed Zafar Shazli Experimenting with Evolutionary meta-heuristics for State justification in Sequential ATPG [abstract] May 2001
Mr. Abdulaziz Yagoub Barnawi Multicast Routing Protocol with Partial Flooding for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks [abstract] May 2001
Mr. Mahmood-ur-Rehman Minhaz Iterative Algorithms for Timing and Low Power Driven VLSI Standard Cell Placement [abstract] May 2001
Mr. Ahmed Omer Saleh Bin Mahfood Parallel Genetic Scheduling for Parallel Applications [abstract] Apr 2001
Mr. Ahmed A. Fadol The Congnitive Self-Structuring Connectionist Machine [abstract] Apr 2001
Mr. Siddiqui, M. A. Data Flow Graph Allocation to Array Processors Using Iterative Heuristics [abstract] Jul 2000
Mr. Khan Salman Topology Design of Enterprise Networks [abstract] Nov 1999
Mr. Al-Yamani, A. J. A Parallel Tabu Search Algorithm for VLSI Standard Cell Placement [abstract] Apr 1999
Mr. Baig, M. N. Task Matching and Scheduling in Heterogeneous Computing Environments Using Iterative Heurtistics [abstract] Apr 1999
Mr. Al-Sharif, Maher Fault Characterization and Testability Considerations in Multi-Valued Logic Circuits [abstract] Nov 1998
Mr. Ali, Syed H. Fuzzy Simulated Evolution Algorithm for VLSI Cell Placement [abstract] Nov 1998
Mr. Al-Marhoun, T. Testing and Evaluation Methodology of ATM Systems [abstract] Jul 1998
Mr. Zahra, Mounir Optimization of Mixed CMOS/BiCMOS Circuits Using Tabu Search [abstract] Jun 1998
Mr. Al-Kharobi, T. Fuzzy Logic Based FPGA Routing [abstract] May 1998
Mr. Al-Hashim, Ghaleb. A. Design and analysis of a high-performance fault-tolerant ATM network [abstract] May 1998
Mr. Al-Kaltham, I. Evaluation and Comparison of Internet Firewalls [abstract] Jan 1998
Mr. Adiche Hakim Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm for VLSI Floorplan Design [abstract] Oct 1997
Mr. Akermi, Ali Signaling Traffic Analysis of GSM Authentication Protocols [abstract] Oct 1997
Mr. Mohammed Kaleemuddin Evaluation of Pipelined Switch Architectures for ATM Networks [abstract] May 1997
Mr. Husam S. Abu-Haimed Organization of Parallel Memories [abstract] May 1997
Mr. Talha M. Al-Jarad Design and Analysis of A Fault Tolerant Switch for B-ISDN [abstract] Dec 1996
Mr. Ahmad N. Al-Islam Al-Sawi HCORDIC: A high-performance Cordic Algorithm [abstract] Dec 1996
Mr. Mohammad M. Nadeem Evolution Based Scheduling of Precedence Computer Computations with Communication Costs [abstract] Nov 1996
Mr. Adnan Ahmed Khan Development of a Congestion Control. Scheme for ATM Networks [abstract] Sep 1996
Mr. Sabih M. Alsayed A New Traffic Control Scheme for ATM Networks [abstract] Jun 1996
Mr. Amir A. Khan An Ethernet Bridge With Packet Filtering and Statistics Collection Capabilities [abstract] Jun 1996
Mr. Ahmad Saleh A. Al-Mulhem SELF-MAP: Stochastic Evolution LUT-FPGA Technology Mapper [abstract] Jun 1996
Mr. Wasif Hasan A Novel Fast Packet Switch Architecture for ATM Networks [abstract] May 1996
Mr. Syed Shah H. H. Qadri A Framework for Yield Enhancement of Processor Arrays [abstract] May 1996
Mr. Khalid Jawdat Kamel Al-Farra Timing Driven Floorplanning [abstract] May 1995
Mr. Muhammad Nayyar Hasan On the Synthesis and Optimization of MVL Functions [abstract] May 1995
Mr. Muhammad A. AlHumaigani A Formal VLSI Parallel Description and Design Environment [abstract] Feb 1995
Mr. Maher Hamdan Khalil Abu-Mutlaq Dataflow Processor for Back Propagation Neural Networks: Architecture and Performance Evaluation. [abstract] Jan 1995
Mr. Hazem Muhebbadin A. Naji Abu-Saleh AutoVLSI System: A Layout System for General-Cell VLSI Design [abstract] Jan 1995
Mr. Abdul-Hai Mohammad Abdullah Reliability of Modular Fault Tolerant Hypercube Networks [abstract] Dec 1994
Mr. Mohammed Shahid T. Khan Genetic Algorithm for Timing Influence Floorplanning of VLSI [abstract] Nov 1994
Mr. Essam M. Khair Hubbi Intermediate Forms in High-Level Synthesis [abstract] Oct 1994
Mr. Mohammed Abdul Aziz Khalid A Framework for the VLSI Implementation of Systolic Tree Based Data Structures [abstract] Aug 1994
Mr. Abdulaziz Sultan Al-Mulhem Hardware Specific Optimization on RTL Descriptions [abstract] May 1994
Mr. Syed Asaf Maruf Ali Design and Modeling of a Real-Time RISC Processor in VHDL [abstract] May 1994
Mr. Khaled Walid Nassar Timing Driven Placement Algorithm for Standard-cell Design [abstract] May 1994
Mr. H. F. Al-Sukhni A C-Based High Level Synthesis System [abstract] Dec 1993
Mr. Azzam A. Hamzah Built-in Self Test Logic for Histogrammer Memory Chip [abstract] Sep 1993
Mr. Adel M. A. Al-Massarani Priority-Based Scheduling and Evaluation of Precedence Graphs with Communications Times [abstract] Jul 1993
Mr. Masudul Hassan Back-end Design of a Formal High Level Synthesis System [abstract] May 1993
Mr. Raffed Belal An Area Efficient FPGA: Design Using Non Volatile RAM [abstract] Apr 1993
Mr. Gutub, A. A. A. A Hardware Model of an Expandable RS Cryptographic Systems [abstract] Jan 1970

List Of Coe PhD Graduates, Their Thesis Titles And Month Of Completion

Student Name Title Year
Mr. Turki Faisal Al-Osmani Design and Analysis of Efficient and Secure Elliptic Curve Cryptoprocessors [abstract] Apr 2006
Mr. Theeb Ayedh al-Gahtani Dynamic Projective Coordinate System for elliptic Curve Cryptography [abstract] Apr 2006​