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 Master in Robotics and Autonomous Intelligent Systems

One-Year Professional Interdisciplinary Master Program in Robotics and Autonomous Intelligent Systems

All candidates for the One-Year Professional Interdisciplinary Master Program in Robotics and Autonomous Intelligent Systems must satisfy the overall requirements of KFUPM in addition to the following:

The applicant should have an accredited bachelor's degree or its equivalent degree in Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, System Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, or discipline relevant to the program content. The applicant should have prior background in a basic control theory like CISE 305 or AE 313 or EE 380 or ME 410 or CHE 401 or equivalent. Otherwise, he could be requested to take a related deficiency course.

The Master program consists of 8 core courses from different disciplines that cover four domains: Perception, Cognitive, Action, and Mathematics Foundations.

Core Courses

Sr.Course Code and Title
1AE 581: Introduction to Robotics & Autonomous Systems
2SCE 575: Applied Control for Robotic Systems
3SCE 576: Path Planning and Navigation for Mobile Robot
4COE 510: Programming Methods for Robotics
5COE 511: Multi-agent Robotic Networks
6COE 512: Sensing and Actuation for Intelligent Robots
7ICS 520: Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning for Robotics
8SCE 578: Human-Robot Interaction

In addition, the student must finish a final project during the last two semesters. The final project will be completed under the program affiliated faculty supervision and will integrate the skills acquired from the core courses to work on robotics related subjects.

In case, concentration students join this program, the common courses between the two programs cannot be taken for credit for both programs. Therefore, those students should take instead elective courses from the approved list below, as follows: two courses from the core elective courses list and two from the free elective courses list.

Core Elective Courses

SCE 564
 Decision Making Under UncertaintyGraduate Standing
 AE 449
Fundamentals of Unmanned Aerial SystemsMATH 202, PHYS 102
COE 526
 Data PrivacyGraduate Standing
 Deep LearningGraduate Standing

 Free Electives Courses

MATH 517
 Introduction to Data ScienceGraduate Standing
SEC 511
 Principles of Information Assurance and SecurityGraduate Standing
SEC 521
 Network SecurityGraduate Standing

COE 543

Mobile Computing and Wireless NetworksGraduate Standing
COE 545
 Wireless Sensor Networks  Graduate Standing
ICS 515
ICS 483
Computer Vision