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 MASTER of Engineering in Computer Networks (Non Thesis)

MASTER of Engineering in Computer Networks (Non-Thesis)

All students enrolled in the MEng program in Computer Networks are required to complete 33 credit hours of courses (including the project course) of graduate credits. These courses should be selected from the program of study, which has been approved by the Department, and the Dean of Deanship of Graduate Studies.

The program is as follows:

1. Three core courses:

COE 540: Computer Networks (3-0-3)

COE 546: Computer Network Design (3-0-3)

COE 551: Computer Networks Security (3-0-3)

2. Minimum of Three Courses and a Maximum of Five Courses COE Electives (COE and Other Electives)

3. Minimum of One Course and a Maximum of Two Non-COE Technical Elective Courses (COE and Other Electives)

4. Minimum of One Course and a Maximum of Two Management Elective Courses (COE and Other Electives)

5. One Course Project

If the student commits himself to two courses per semester, he is expected to finish their degree in five semesters.

For admission requirements and application procedures, please consult the admission and deanship of graduate studies links.