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 Revised Master of Science (MS) Program in Computer Networks

Revised MS Program in Computer Networks

The academic program for Masters in Computer Networks comprises 24 credit hours of courses and 6 credit hours dedicated to research-oriented thesis work. The program is as follows:

1.    Three Core Courses:

  1. COE 540: Computer Networks (3-0-3)
  2. COE 546: Computer Network Design (3-0-3)
  3. COE 551: Computer Networks Security (3-0-3)

2.    Three Courses COE Electives.

  1. Two Electives are to be taken from the graduate courses appendices C and D, please see below.
  2. Thesis (0-0-6).

The student must finally complete a thesis on an approved topic in Computer Networks under the supervision of his graduate thesis committee. 

For admission requirements and application procedures, please consult the admission and deanship of graduate studies links.