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 List of Old Electives

List of COE Electives
Course No. & TitleCRPrerequisite(s)
COE 402 Computer System Performance Evaluation (3-0-3)
STAT 319 or Consent of the Instructor
COE 403 Computer Architecture (3-0-3)
COE 301
COE 405 Design and Modeling of Digital Systems (3-0-3)
COE 202
COE 408 Reconfigurable Computing (3-0-3)
COE 405
COE 420 Parallel Computing (3-0-3)
COE 301
COE 421 Fault Tolerant Computing (3-0-3)
Senior Standing
COE 422 Real Time Systems (3-0-3)
COE 306

COE 423 Distributed Systems

Note: Not to be taken for credit with ICS 437.

Senior Standing
COE 424 Intro. to Smart Cards & RFID Technology (3-0-3)
Senior Standing or Consent of the Instructor
COE 425 Data Management Systems (3-0-3)
Junior Standing or Consent of the instructor
COE 441 Local Area Networks (3-0-3)
COE 241 or Consent of the Instructor
COE 443 High Speed Networks (3-0-3)
COE 344
COE 444 Internetwork Design and Management (3-0-3)
COE 344
COE 445 Internet Engineering and Technologies (3-0-3)
COE 344
COE 446 Mobile Computing (3-0-3)
COE 344
COE 447 Fundamentals of Optical Networking (3-0-3)
COE 344 or Consent of the Instructor

COE 451 Computer & Network Security

Note: Not to be taken for credit with ICS 444.

COE 344
COE 461 Principles of VLSI Design (3-0-3)
EE 203
COE 462 Design Automation of VLSI Circuits (3-0-3)
COE 461 or Consent of the Instructor
COE 464 Testing of Digital Circuits (3-0-3)
Senior Standing
COE 465 VLSI System Design Methodology (3-0-3)
COE 405
COE 482 Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (3-0-3)
COE 344
COE 484 Introduction to Robotics (3-0-3)
Senior Standing

COE 487 Computer Vision Processing

               Note: Not to be taken for credit with ICS 483.

Senior Standing
COE 488 Data Acquisition Interfacing (3-0-3)
COE 301
COE 499 Special Topics in Computer Engineering(3-0-3)
Senior Standing

List of Technical/Free Electives

EE 207-Signals and Systems
PHYS 353-Radiation and Health Physics
EE 303-Electronics IIPHYS 365-Introduction to Medical Physics
EE 306-Electromechanical DevicesPHYS 371-Methods of Theoretical Physics
EE 370-Communications Engineering IPHYS 373-Introduction to Computational Physics
EE 380-Control Engineering ICISE 301-Numerical Methods
EE 403-Semiconductor DevicesCISE 302-Linear Control Systems
EE 410-Digital Image ProcessingCISE 312-Instrumentation Engineering
EE 415-Analog Integrated Circuits Analysis and DesignCISE 313-Automation Devices and Electronics
EE 446-Programmable Logic ControllersCISE 315-Signals and Systems
GEOL 202-Applied Geosciences for Scientists and EngineersCISE 316-Control Systems Design
GEOP 202-Introduction to GeophysicsCISE 318-Computer Control Systems
QEOP 204-Introduction to SeismologyCISE 412-Mechatronics
GEOP 205-Computational GeophysicsCISE 418-Industrial Process Control
GEOP 315-Seismic Exploration ICISE 421-Simulation and Control for Process Industry
ICS 324-Database SystemsCISE 422-Intelligent Controllers
ICS 353-Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsCISE 423-Model Predictive Control
ICS 355-Theory of ComputingCISE 424-Identification of Linear Systems
ICS 381-Introduction to Artificial IntelligenceCISE 431-Industrial Automation
ICS 410-Programming LanguagesCISE 432-Digital Signal Processing
ICS 412-Compiler ConstructionCISE 433-Condition-based Maintenance
ICS 415-Computer GraphicsCISE 434-Computer Numerical Control
ICS 424-Advanced Database SystemsCISE 435-Distributed Computer Control Systems
ICS 426-Data Warehousing and Data MiningCISE 438-Instrumentation for Process Control
ICS 481-Artificial Neural NetworksCISE 441-Linear Optimal Control
ICS 482-Natural Language UnderstandingCISE 442-Stochastic Control
ICS 483-Computer VisionCISE 443-Introduction to Robust Control
ICS 484-Arabic ComputingCISE 451-Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
ICS 485-Machine LearningCISE 452-Theory of Stochastic Systems
ICS 486-Multi-Agent SystemsCISE 453-Methodology for Large Scale Systems
ICS 488-Soft ComputingCISE 454-Computer-Aided Manufacturing and Robotics
MATH 301-Methods of Applied MathematicsCISE 455-Advanced Instrumentation
MATH 321-Introduction to Numerical Computing CISE 456-Safety and Reliability of Control Systems
MATH 330-Euclidean and Non-Euclidean GeometryCISE 457-Industrial Communication Systems
MATH 345-Modern Algebra IISE 303-Operations Research I
MATH 401-Methods of Applied Mathematics IIISE 304-Principles of Industrial Costing
MATH 425-Graph TheoryISE 305-Optimization Methods
MATH 430-Introduction to Complex VariablesISE 320-Quality Control and Industrial Statistics
MATH 431-Introduction to Measure Theory and Functional AnalysisISE 323-Work and Process Improvements
MATH 440-Differential GeometryISE 402-Production Systems and Inventory Control
MATH 455-Number TheoryISE 405-Stochastic Systems Simulation
MATH 460-Applied Matrix TheoryISE 411-Productivity Engineering and Management
MATH 470-Partial Differential EquationsISE 420-Quality Improvement Methods
MATH 471-Numerical Analysis IISE 421-Operation Research II
MATH 472-Numerical Analysis II1SE 425-Queuing Systems
MATH 480-Linear & Nonlinear ProgrammingISE 443-Human Factors Engineering 
MATH 485-Wavelets and ApplicationsISE 447-Decision Making
MATH 495-Industrial MathematicsISE 448-Sequencing and Scheduling
ME 205-Materials Science (for non-ME students)ISE 460-Industrial Process Re-Engineering
MGT 301-Principles of ManagementISE 464-Industrial Information Systems
MGT 311-Legal EnvironmentISE 470-Supply Chain Systems Modeling
MGT 430-International Management STAT 301-Introduction to Probability Theory
MIS 215-Principles of Management Information SystemsSTAT 302-Statistical Inference
MIS 300-Fundamentals of Electronic Commerce
STAT 320-Statistical Quality Control
MIS 301-Business Systems Analysis & Design ISTAT 325-Nonparametric Statistical Methods
MIS 490- Information Resources ManagementSTAT 342-Applied Statistics
PHYS 201-General Physics IIISTAT 355-Demographic Methods
PHYS 203-Electrical and Magnetic Properties of MaterialsSTAT 361-Operations Research I
PHYS 211-OpticsSTAT 365-Data Collection and Sampling Methods
PHYS 212-Modern PhysicsSTAT 375-Categorical Data Analysis
PHYS 215-Introduction to AstronomySTAT 415-Stochastic Processes
PHYS 234-The Physics of How Things WorkSWE 311-Principles of Software Engineering
PHYS 261-EnergySWE 312-User-Interface Design
PHYS 271-Introduction to Special RelativitySWE 321-Formal Methods and Models in Software Engineering
PHYS 305-Electricity and Magnetism ISWE 387-Software Project Management