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"Dr. Louai Al-Awami has received a 3-month DSR grant under the "COVID-19 Proof-of-Concept Grant" which supports the development of technology to help in fighting COVID-19. In the project, entitled "Social Distancing Bracelet", Dr. Al-Awami (PI) and Mr. Asaad AlGhamdi (ICS student) developed a prototype of a bracelet that uses the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies. The bracelet monitors users' health, tracks recent contacts, and alerts users if possibly infected. The bracelet also warns users when failing to keep a safe distance from other people. Finally, the bracelet can also be used to automate the access-control of potentially infected individuals to work or public places. All these functionalities are achieved while preserving the privacy of the users. The project was successfully finalized on August 27. The project was featured by Alarabya TV as part of a report on KFUPM and DTV". Photos and videos can be found here: