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 Mission & Vision

​The Mission of the City and Regional Planning Department: The department is devoted to (1) providing world-class education in City and Regional Planning; (2) conducting outstanding technical basic and applied research; (3) providing professional development, all through addressing the existing and evolving needs of the urban development in the Kingdom in view of the local, social values and global needs, and developments as well as the practice of the professions.
The educational objectives of the program are centred on three major areas: foundation, skills and tools, and awareness and professional ethics: (1) To provide students with a strong foundation (base) in City and Regional Planning area that emphasizes the application of the fundamental mathematical, scientific, engineering and management principles. (2) To provide students with skills and capabilities that would allow them to smoothly join and adapt to the workplace (governmental, private sector, and academia) well-prepared and competent in decision making, modelling, problem-solving, experimentation, data analysis, technical communication, and capable of working in inter-disciplinary teams and able to utilize contemporary computing systems, GIS and remote sensing technology and resources, and (3) To provide students with knowledge and skills relevant to City and Regional Planning practice, ethical responsibilities and professional practice, social and global awareness of contemporary issues (such as safety, quality of life, health, global warming, sustainable development and other environmental issues), the impact of City and Regional Planning on society, as well as the importance of Continuing Education and lifelong learning for professional development and survival.