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 Capstone Design Projects for Term 122

Section # Advisor Project Title Project Description
1 AL-ZAHER H Walking Aid for the Visually Impaired New technological and medical biomedical systems have aided individuals with various disabilities, through innovative inventions. The main goal of this project is to implement a system which aids the visually impaired.  The design should be simple but useful portable guidance system. With the use of ultrasonic transmitter and receiver signals, a transformation of the signals to vibration is performed using suitable techniques. The ultrasonic sensors are used to acquire environmental data. Hence the user can recognize the obstacles in the surrounding environment. The project objective is to provide the visually impaired with vibrational guidance system using ultrasonic to vibrational signal transformation. The Electronic Walking Aid is designed for a battery powered, portable model.  
2 AL-ABSI M Led Lightening drive, hardware implementation The intention of this project is to design, simulate and implement a LED drives for lightening applications.
3 AL-JAMID H Portable Metal Detector   A metal detector able to detect a medium- sized coin buried to within 10 cm depth. The detector must be battery operated and fully portable. The electronic part of the circuit will be fabricated on a printed board and a headphone will be used to detect the audio signal.
4 ABDUR-RAHIM M Design and Evaluation of a PID Controller for a Power System and Testing of the Controller in the Laboratory   The field or excitation voltage normally controls the reactive power of a synchronous machine. However, additional feedback signals to the exciter can also provide extra damping to the system, thus improving its stability. The objective of this project is to design a PID controller for providing optimum damping to the power system. The pole-placement method will be employed to get the proper damping characteristics.   Pre-requisite:   EE 463: Power System Analysis
5 AL-HAMOUZ Z Solar Tracking and Battery  Charging  System An analog solar tracking system will be designed and implemented in which a dual axis tracking mechanism will be integrated with a controller and sensors to be directed toward the sun to increase the generation efficiency of a solar cell which is photovoltaic panel. The solar tracking System will be implemented to be able to charge a car's battery so that it can be used in different applications in many sunny countries to have the maximum possible power during the day.
6 EL-AMIN I Design  of a PV system for KFUPM Beach The students are expected to provide a detailed design for a PV system to supply the load at KFUPM beach. The work would require the specifications of the PV components, inverter, and control and battery system. A cost –benefit analysis is required. The work will be carried using Homer Software.
7 SHARAWI M An FPGA Implementation of a BCD Calculator with trigonometric functions In this project, the students will learn Verilog HDL, and design a BCD calculator that can deal with integer and real input values and utilize the I/O interfaces on the Xilinx Spartan 3E board from Digilent Inc to display the results. In this calculator, some trigonometric functions will be implemented as well to have a multi-function calculator that is fully designed using Verilog HDL and synthesized on a FPGA platform.
8 HARB KAMAL  Quality of Service  Improvement of  Satellite Communication Satellite communication is important in our daily life. This project is focused on the effect of signal propagation at high frequency under different conditions. The received signal has to be strong and immune enough, based on the given satellite parameters, in order to have a clear picture on our TV, cell phone, etc. Therefore, the quality of service (QoS) improvement for satellite systems depending on different atmospheric conditions will be investigated.  Finally, Matlab software implementation based on analytical model will be used to support the outcome of this project.
9 DERICHE M ​A Portable Vital Signs Monitoring System The aim is to build a portable system based on mobile phones or PC tablets to collect physiological data outside the clinics and hospitals. The system can be used at home by the elderly and other patients to check different vital signs such as ECG, EEG, Blood pressure, Oxygen saturation, Respiration, Temperature, etc…  The device should be able to send data to doctors at central medical facilities.  The system should also be able to display simple status information on the different vital signs. The different modules (for each of the vital signs) can be connected or disconnected as needed. The user is assisted with an simple instruction manual written for the general public.