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Capstone Design Projects for Term 191
Section Instructor Project TitleProject DescriptionPrerequisites 
1Dr. Mohamed AbidoPV-Wind-based PV/Wind DC Microgrid Control and ManagementThe voltage regulation of DC microgrid is a challenging task in order to prevent circulating current among different distributed energy sources connected in parallel. Another crucial issue is to manage active power among the distributed sources, loads and connected utility grid. Energy storage systems help to combat these challenges. In this work, a small scale DC microgrid is considered which is comprised of photovoltaic and wind energy source, local loads and hybrid energy storage system. A control strategy based on DC bus voltage regulation will be investigated for energy management in the system. 
2Dr. Hussain AlzaherDesign of a Chopper Amplifier for Low Noise Seismic Signal AcquisitionIn seismic signal acquisition systems, a large dynamic range is required. Thus, the design of a low-noise amplifier is critical. This project is to design and implement a low-noise pre-amplifier to be used in the front-end of an digital signal processing unit for Seismic Signal Acquisition system. The unit will include a chopper amplifier plus capacitor to voltage converter, variable gain amplifier, a filter stage, and a 24 ADC. Clock generation, modulation and demodulation are also involved. The data will be transmitted wirelessly to a recording unit.
EE303, EE370, EE390
3Dr. Husain MasoudiWireless Power Transmission Phase IIThe objective of this project is to explore the Wireless Power Transmission technology and then design and implement a Wireless Power Transmission system capable in transmitting a house hold AC 110/220 V power wirelessly to charge an electrical device such as a mobile phone. Engineering design considerations such as efficiency, practicality and cost must be studied by this project. The project also is to study the effect of the angle between the transmitter and the receiver for maximum efficiency.Requirement: EE 340 B grade
4Dr. Azzedine ZerguineBuild a complete project in machine learning: Credit card fraud detection.  
5Dr. Mohamed MohandesDesign of a DRON based system for cleaning Solar PanelsSome countries receive a lot of rain that help cleaning the panels occasionally. In Saudi Arabia we have less rain and more dust and sand movements. These factors deteriorate the solar panels efficiency. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) experiences higher intensities of solar radiation throughout the year and long hours of daily sunshine durations. KSA is planning to build solar PV capacity of 200 GW by 2030. Hence automated periodic cleaning of these panels is essential and need of the hour.  In this project the students will be required to design and implement a creative solution to this problem. One idea would be to install impeller on a DRON that blow air downward to clean the solar panels. However, we are interested on more innovative solutions to this problem.Prerequisite: EE390 and programming skills
6Dr. Hussain Al-DuwaishIdentification and Control of a DC MotorThis project is about the identification and control of a DC motor experimentally. The first part of the project is to find the transfer function of the DC motor using two method. In the second part, the students will design a suitable controllers based on the transfer function they obtained in the first part. The third part of the project, will involve implementation of the designed controller on the actual process. 
7Dr. Ibrahim HabiballahDesign of Friendly-Interface Learning Media for Power Transformers User Friendly Interface (UFI) design focuses on anticipating what users might need to do. It ensures that the interface has sufficient elements that are easy to access, understand, and use to facilitate those actions. This project is meant to design UFI tools that can help understanding the analysis of power transformers. This will include the equivalent circuits, phasor-diagrams and the performance (voltage regulation and efficiency) of transformers under different loading conditions. Different exercises and solved problems will be designed in a friendly-interfaced learning-media to help better understanding the function of transformers, and how they behave under different operating conditions. ​ 
8Dr. Maan KousaAdvanced Robot Functions Using EV# and MATLAB Student are required to Program the robot using EV3 and MATLAB to do certain advanced functions (for example: sweeping, arranging things, Transporting goods, …)Senior Standing
9Dr. Ali MuqaibelPosture Analysis and Correction Using Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)The project idea is to design and build a wearable electronic device that is able to track posture by sensing the head movement of the user, then analyze and filter the data coming from the sensors to classify and analyze the posture as appropriate or not, then notifying the user. The project helps in preventing as well as in treating chronic neck/back pain by making the user aware of his posture on his daily activities and wrong postural habits when performing his routinely tasks. The idea can be further improved by integrating more sensors into the device that detects the behavior of the user, then generates a proper action. The project will also include a mobile application that helps in generating reports and statistical data to the user about his posture performance, which might help in preventing future back injuriesEE370, EE390 (At least some students)
10Dr. Salim IbrirFault detection and isolation using state observersThe project aims to develop a real-time system including a software to detect eventual fault operation in AC or DC drives. The technique is mainly based on construction of auxiliary system that reproduces the fault when it exists. LabVIEW programming, Electronics, Motor drives
11Dr. Abdulmalek  ZidouriAttendance Management System by Using Face Recognition TechniqueAutomatic attendance management is intended to replace the manual method. Taking attendance is time consuming and difficult to maintain. Taking attendance automatically based on bio-metric features is both secure and fast.
In this method the camera is fixed in the classroom and it will capture the image, the faces are detected and then recognized with the database and finally the attendance is marked. In this project we intend to use the face as the bio metric feature, which is easy to take, less intrusive and well established using for example Eigen faces, which is a set of Eigen vectors which are used in computer vision problems of face recognition.
12Dr. K. QureshiDevelopment of energy harvesting circuitsIn this project, the students will perform a comprehensive literature review of various energy harvesting circuits. Later few of these circuits will be developed for energizing various low powered sensorsGood understanding of EE203 and EE303
13Dr. Fahhad Al HarbiIntegration of Split Spectrum Solar Cell SystemThe conventional solar cell device designs are based on single junction with planar interfaces. Such devices are theoretically limited where the maximum efficiency can not exceed 33%. To pass this limit, different techniques are adopted. Among the most practical options is to go for multi-junction designs. In such design concept, different cells are used to harvest light from different part of solar light spectrum. The most commonly use format is the two-terminal serially stacked cells. It has already passed 47% in efficiency. However, such cells are extremely expensive and hard to fabricate. An, alternative concept is based on multi-terminal Split-Spectrum Solar Cell (SSSC) in which solar light is split into different bands by a pre-optical setup and then direct each of the split spectrum into a cell with matching properties. So, the system is composed of two parts. The first one is the optical system that splits the spectrum and concentrates the light. The second part is the set of SCs to be used to harvest the energy from the split spectrums. In this senior project, the team would design and integrate an SSSC system starting from ready cells and optical components.  
14Dr. Mohammed KhanEnvironmental Effects on Outdoor Optical Wireless Communication The project will involve designing transreceiver circuits to send and receive modulated audio/video digital signals employing two different wavelength light as carriers. The system will consist of two-transreceiver circuits with free-space as a communication channel between them. The environmental effects such as sand storm, for and rain on the system performance will be evaluated. Knowledge of designing of electronic circuits
15Dr. Ali Arshad NasirDigital Communication Transceiver DesignWe will simulate a baseband digital communication system using National Instruments LabVIEW software and USRP hardware. Basic digital communication transmitter and receiver will be designed. Different modulation sizes will be considered. Bit error rates will be calculated from the simulations.EE 370
16Dr. Mudassir MasoodDeep Learning-based Real Time Face Recognition using Raspberry PiA face recognition system will be developed using convolutional neural network (CNN). The CNN will be trained on a regular computer. However, the trained model will be transferred to a Raspberry Pi to perform real-time face recognition. A camera, a memory card and a screen will be interfaced with Raspberry Pi. The camera will be used to capture images in real-time, memory card will be used to hold the trained model and screen will be utilized to display the identification/recognition results. Python will be used for programming purpose. 
17Dr. Balghnaim APlease contact  Dr. Balghnaim