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 Capstone Design Projects for Term 201

Capstone Design Projects for Term 201
Section Instructor Project TitleProject Description
1Dr. HUSAIN AL-ZAHERWireless Body Temperature ThermometerThis project is to design and implement wireless body electronics temperature thermometer. This instant read thermometer takes temporal readings, meaning you swipe it across your forehead and it captures your body temperature from your temporal artery. It doesn't even need to make contact with your skin -- it can be up to half an inch away. It shall indicate the correct distance measurement range to promote taking the measurement. The Thermometer is to be an infrared No-Touch forehead thermometer that gives you 1-second testing to know the current body temperature. Special Components: The following components must be order instantly Thermopile array sensor (infrared sensors) and distance sensor.
2Dr. HUSAIN MASOUDIDesign of an Efficient Solar Powered Sensor-Controlled LED Lighting SystemThe aim of this project is to design and implement an efficient solar powered sensor-controlled LED lighting system. The system is to use solar panels as s source of power and effective Light Emitting Diodes as a lighting load. The system stores solar power during the day and uses electric power during dark time. The system should be equipped with motion sensors to detect movement for efficient operation. The project is divided into two phases, the first is to design and implement a prototype of an efficient lighting system based on motion with the use of solar and LED, while the second is to study the use of this system in cities for cost effect method to conserve energy. Full scale calculation estimate should be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the system.
3Dr. AZZEDINE ZERGUINESport monitoring with smart wearable system
This is just a tentative one. I have another idea in machine learning, I might explore. Right now, I am evaluating its pros and cons against the load of the students. For the time being consider this idea, later I will relook at for the other one.
4Dr. HUSSAM AL-SHAMARYRF communication with hardware encryptionThe goal of this project is to design an RF communication link for voice security, the system will be compatible with commercial telephone links to encrypt voice message with hardware coding layer that is not as prone to hacking as software coding. System analysis and design will explore the benefits and trade offs for this proposed scheme. A prototype will be built on a standard PCB for verification.
5Dr. IBRAHIM HABIBALLAHDesign of Friendly-Interface Learning Media for DC MotorsThis project is meant to design User Friendly Interface tools that can help understanding the analysis of DC motors. This will include the basic construction of DC machines, equivalent circuits of different types of DC motors, its power flow diagram and the load performance for each type.
6Dr. ALI MUQAIBELIndoor Visible Light Positioning SystemThis project targets a novel visible light positioning (VLP) system. VLP is a promising indoor localization option, especially given the growing popularity of LED-based lighting and the expected adoption of the approaching Visible Light Communication (VLC). The system to be developed uses received signal strength for ranging. It is followed by the estimation of a location. The results should demonstrate that the proposed VLP approach offers an opportunity to outperform the existing techniques in terms of localization accuracy and precision.
7Dr. K QURESHIEnergy harvesting circuit for low powered sensorsIn this project, students will perform a comprehensive literature review of various energy harvesting techniques based on vibration and temperature. Later one circuit design will be proposed and developed for energizing various low powered sensors. 
8Dr. SHARIF SHEIKHDesign of a Tunable antenna to Detect Deposited Elemental Sulfur in a H2S PipelineNatural gas pipelines are prone to unwanted solid elemental sulfur deposition due to desublimation process of sulfur. Accumulation of elemental sulfur can clog the pipeline, control-valves  and  lead  to  plant  shutdown.  Therefore,  the  need  to effectively  monitor  the  status  of  elemental  sulfur  deposition within  the  pipeline  for  successful  delivery  and  metering  of ARAMCO natural gas products. 
10Dr. M MOHANDESPlease contact  Dr. M. MOHANDES 
11Dr. M MOHANDESPlease contact  Dr. M. MOHANDES 
12Dr. MOHAMMED KHANEnvironmental Effects on Outdoor Optical Wireless Communication Project Description: The project will involve designing transreceiver circuits to send and receive modulated audio/video digital signals employing two different wavelength light as carriers. The system will consist of two-transreceiver circuits with free-space as a communication channel between them. The environmental effects such as sand storm, fog and rain on the system performance will be evaluated.  
14Dr. ALI NASIRChannel Estimation for a Wireless Communication SystemChannel estimation is an essential part of any communication system to enable decoding of the received signal. This project will implement a baseband wireless communication system using National Instruments LabVIEW software and USRP hardware. The aim of the project will be to estimate channel parameters of the wireless medium. 
15Dr. MUDASSIR MASOODMachine Learning-based Automatic Speech Recognition for Human-Computer InterfaceAutomatic speech recognition allows humans to speak with a computer. It involves speaking some commands to a computer in order for it to perform different tasks. It involves performing specific signal processing operations on the speech signals. The processed speech signals are then fed to an intelligent system in order to carry tasks. The intelligence can be introduced with the help of recent advances in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. In this project, we aim to design a simple speech recognition system based on a Raspberry Pi computer. The system would involve performing basic signal processing tasks along with the implementation of some popular machine learning algorithms.
16Dr. FAHAD AL ISMAILA Solid-State Transformer Based MV Drive System for Remote Area Irrigation.Remote areas irrigation are in need variable speed electrical drive system, particularly, the medium voltage (MV) one. Recently, renewable energy are preferred in such remote areas to supply the field by the required electricity and to supply the water electrical pumps. However, the need of MV is urgent for supplying such electrical drive system. This operation needs a power transformer to convert low-voltage (LV) produced by the distributed generators (DGs) to MV. The solid-state transformer (SST) is conceived as a replacement for the conventional power transformer, with both lower volume and weight, in particular for smart grids and DC transmission systems. Besides, the use of distributed renewable energy sources requires utilizing SST in distribution systems as well. Frankly speaking, SST is a combination of power electronics (PE) converters and a high frequency transformer, which is used to connect isolated voltage zones.