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 Capstone Design Projects for Term 202

Capstone Design Projects for Term 202
Section #InstructorProject Title
EE 411-01Dr. M ABIDOPV-Based DC Microgrids with Energy Storage Systems
EE 411-02Dr. S.A. ZUMMODrone Detection Radar
EE 411-03Dr. IBRAHIM EL-AMINPlease contact  Dr. EL-AMIN
EE 411-04Dr. MA AL-ABSI1.     LabVIEW based motor vehicle periodical check
2.     Metal discriminator phase II
EE 411-05Dr. FAHHAD AL HARBIPlease contact  Dr. AL HARBI
EE 411-06Dr. IBRAHIM HABIBALLAHDesign of Friendly-Interface Learning Media for DC Generators
EE 411-07Dr. MAHMOUD KASSASSmart Home IOT system
EE 411-08Dr. AZZEDINE ZERGUINETwin-SVM Credit card fraud detection.
EE 411-09Dr. AHMED MASOUDThe Unicopter
EE 411-10Dr. ALI MUQAIBELWireless ECG Monitoring
EE 411-11Dr. HUSAIN AL-ZAHERPlease contact  Dr. AL-ZAHER
EE 411-12Dr. A AWAMIDesign of controllers for distributed energy resources (DER)* to mitigate voltage violations on the distribution system.                    *Examples of DER include residential solar PV and electric vehicles.
EE 411-13Dr. YAQUB MAHNASHINoninvasive Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System.
EE 411-14Dr. MAHMOUD KASSASSmart Home IOT system
EE 411-15Dr. ALI MUQAIBELocalization using visible light
EE 411-16Dr. HUSSEIN ATTIA1.     Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems for Diabetic Patients
2.     Wireless Sensor Network for Seismic Data Collection
EE 411-17Dr. JHONATHAN PRIETO ROJASDevelopment of an Electrodynamic Screen (EDS) for Dust Removal.
EE 411-18Dr. M MOHANDESPlease contact  Dr. MOHANDES
EE 411-19Dr. M DERICHEPlease contact  Dr. DERICHE