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 Communication Systems Research Group

The  objective  of  the  group  is  to  bring  faculty   working  in communication systems field together to enhance knowledge, exchange ideas, improve teaching and research,  and  initiate new projects.   The activities of the Communication Systems Group   are   focused  on:   Improve  teaching  and  laboratory facilities, update course contents and textbooks, and propose new  courses  in  Communications  area in EE Dept, Promote joint research activities within the group,  Interact  with  Saudi industries  in  coop-training, summer training,  industrial research activities and consulting, Attract students to do projects, theses, and dissertations in Telecommunications area.

Group Coordinator
  • Dr. Hesham Elsawy  
Group Members:
  • Dr.Al-Ahmari, A. 
  • Dr.Al-Abeedi, S. 
  • Dr.Al-Ghadhban, S. 
  • Dr.Kousa, M. 
  • Dr.Muqaibel, A. 
  • Dr.Zummo, S. 
  • Dr.Abu-Al-Saud, W. 
  • Dr.Al-Ahmadi, S 
  • Dr.Suhail Al-Dharrab 
  • Dr.Mesbah, W 
  • Dr.Ali Nasir 
Areas of Research Expertise

  • Multichannel and Multipath Communication
  • MIMO and large scale MIMO
            a) Channel Modeling 
            b) Channel Capacity
            c) Channel Coding
            d) Channel Characterization
            e) Pre-coding, beam forming schemes
            f)  Receiver Design
  • Digital Transmission over Wireless Networks
  • Mobile Communication Systems

Services Offered to Industry

  • Help in developing and accessing projects and research related to:
            a)  Telephone companies,
            b) Broadcasting
  • Enhancing Communication systems and Radar
  • Consultation on Telephone System Network Design
  • Protocol Analysis
  • Standards setting and review
  • Evaluation of Cellular Communication networks
  • Channel characterization and Measurements
  • Design of advanced modems for wireless data transmission